The Agile Scrum Bot
for Discord

We made it easy to plan work, do daily asynchronous meetings, track progress, and retrospect in an agile way without ever leaving Discord.

Orli Agile Scrum bot for Discord helps developers, product managers, and team owners easily collaborate asynchronously on Agile Scrum projects.

Scrum is an Agile product development methodology that allows teams to build a product in an iterative way, get early feedback, and improve fast.

Orli Agile Scrum Bot for Discord - Daily bot needs just one click to keep your tasks up-to-date across multiple Project Management tools. Automatic Orli Daily provides preconfigured Agile best practices with reports on performance, all while living in the convenience of your Discord server.

How it works?

Install Orli Scrum Bot to your Discord Server, connect it to the project management tools of your choice, set a channel where you want Orli to respond and Orli will do the rest.

Orli, an Agile facilitator bot for Discord:

  • 01 Plan work with Orli Task or your Project Management tool
  • 02 Replace Daily Standup meetings with automatic Orli Daily in Discord.
  • 03 Get a fully automatic weekly performance report with Orli Report.
  • 04 Do automatic asynchronous Retrospective meetings to learn what to improve in your team.

Why choose Orli as your Scrum bot for Discord

Orli - All in 1 Scrum facilitator bot for Discord

Orli Task List

With Orli Scrum bot for Discord, you can manage your tasks in Orli Task or connect Orli with your Task Management tool directly in Discord.

You can perform the following actions with Orli – the Scrum bot for Discord:

  • define tasks
  • estimate tasks duration
  • log tasks actual duration
  • follow up on the completion of your tasks
  • automatically report done tasks in the next day’s Daily Standup in Discord
Orli, the Scrum bot for Discord, can help you keep track of your tasks and automatically report completed tasks in the next day's daily standup. Use Orli Agile bot for Discord to define, estimate task duration, log actual time spent on a task or follow up on your tasks in Discord with the task management tool of your choice.
Visualize and manage tasks and report the progress on your next day's Orli Daily Standup in Discord automatically.
You write your Daily Report, and Orli updates the tasks accordingly. At the same time, you can adapt Orli for Discord to your team needs: set Server timezone; select individual user's time zone; assigned participants in a daily task list or Jira project update automatically from within their chat feed. You'll also be able to change questions each day as well as icons chosen by using automatic formatting of reports with just one click!
Orli Daily configuration on the server, 2 Orli Daily Discord Bot users reporting Daily privately, and the Orli Daily report on your Discord Server.

Orli Daily

You write your Daily as direct message to Orli Scrum Bot for Discord, and Orli updates all your tasks in all the Project Management tools they are coming from.

At the same time, you can adapt Orli Daily bot for Discord to your team needs:

  • set the Discord Server timezone
  • set individual user timezone
  • set Daily bot participants,
  • change daily questions and their icons
  • set the channel to report your Daily
  • automatic formatting of Daily reports
  • automatic task updates in Orli Task List and Jira

Orli Report

Orli – Your Scrum Bot for Discord generates reports on the team performance daily, weekly or monthly.

Currently, Orli reports the following:

  • number of daily responses
  • number of tasks completed
  • number of tasks completed by the user
  • full CSV export of what was planned vs what was done by each team member.
  • schedule the time when you want Orli to generate the report
  • select the channel where Orli will send the report
Example of Orli Reports in Discord generated from the Daily messages of the users.
At the end of each Agile Sprint or working week, run an asynchronous retrospective inside your team to learn what went well, and that should be improved moving further. With Orli Retrospective Agile Scrum Bot, you can change retrospective questions, set your channel where to post the retrospective anonymously with voting for answers from teammates, transform feedback into tasks!
See how you can use Orli retrospectives in your Scrum bot or Discord to improve processes in your Agile team.

Orli Retro

At the end of each Agile Sprint or working week, run an asynchronous retrospective inside your team to learn what went well, and that should be improved moving further, all in Discord with Orli – Your Agile Scrum bot for Discord.

With Orli Retrospective bot for Discord, you can:

  • change retrospective questions
  • set your the channel where to post the retrospective
  • post answers anonymously 
  • vote for the answers of the other team members
  • transform retrospective feedback into tasks


You can type any time !help on your Discord Server and use the navigation icons to discover the complete list of functionalities of Orli Scrum Bot for Discord. You can also join our Orli – Agile Scrum Bot Discord Support Server to ask for new features.

Automatic Daily

You keep your task list up to date, and Orli generates Daily Standup Reports for you.

Automatic Updates

You report your Daily, and Orli keeps your task list up to date automatically.


Daily and retrospective questions, timing, performance metrics, best practices are set.

Multi Timezones

Enable everyone to work in their timezone and yet synchronize daily as a team.


Reminder to report your daily, respond to retrospective, follow up on tasks.

Configure any user

You can configure the profile of any team member so your team only need to do their job.

1-Click Management

Manage your tasks and daily reports with only 1 emoji click. Orli takes care of the rest.

Multi Language

Get Orli in your language. Currently available in French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese.

Powerful Integrations

Integration with Jira, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, YouTrack, Notion,

Multi Team

Support for unlimited teams.

KPI Traking

Automatic web dashboard with your performance KPIs.

Data Export

Your data is in your hands. Export any data at any time.

Tools integration for Discord

Currently, Orli Scrum Bot provides the following integrations for Discord:  Jira Discord, Trello Discord, YouTrack Discord, Discord, YouTrack by JetBrains, and Discord, GitLab, GitHub. We will release integration with ClickUp, Suite by JetBrains, Asana soon.

With the Yearly Premium Plan, you have priority on your integration request with the task management tool of your preference.

The Scrum bot for Discord, Orli, enables you to do team standups and retrospectives on your own Discord server.
Jira Discord integration from Orli Scrum Bot for Project Management and Business Automation
Trello Discord integration from Orli Scrum Bot for Project Management
Discord Youtrack Integration with Orli Scrum Bot
Discord integration
Discord Notion integration with Orli Scrum bot
GitLab Discord Integration with Orli Scrum Bot for Discord
Github Discord Integration from Orli SCrum Bot
Orli Ckickup Discord Integration
Orli Asana is a tool which enables developers to do their work in an Agile way without ever leaving discord. Orli helps development teams with tasks, daily meetings, and retrospectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Orli Agile Scrum Discord Bot for Discord

When installing Orli, please make sure you give all the permissions. We use reactions to make it FAST for you to report your Daily.

If Orli is in a private message, make sure it has the permissions to send messages.

Help menu navigation does not work on direct messages because Discord doesn’t allow bots to modify these messages.

Feel free to reach out to us on our Discord Support Server or any support if Orli doesn’t work. We’ll assist you ASAP and if there is any problem we fix it in less than 24h.

  1. Install Orli – Scrum bot for Discord on your server
  2. Define your Daily channel
  3. Select your daily participants

Orli is preconfigured with all the settings you need, you can simply see the settings and update them to your needs:

  • Modify the reminder times for Daily, Report, Retro
  • Update the questions for Daily and Retrospective

For a video demonstration, watch our Getting Started Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Absolutely! We have a test channel on our Discord Support Server. Please !help yourself. Type !help to see all Orli features and then use the navigation icon: the !help menu self-destroys after 5minutes.

Ask us anything using the chat in this page OR
Drop your issue in the support channel of our Discord Support Server and someone from Orli Team will reply to you ASAP. We are usually available Mon-Sun, 8 AM – to midnight CET.

Our users come first. Jump on Orli Discord Support Server and drop make your request on #feature-request channel. If you can post a short description of the use case of the requested feature will be great, so we understand better your needs. Depending on the development effort and our Sprint dates, we’ll make available the feature between 1 day to few weeks.

We release new functionalities every Tuesday. To be the first one to know, follow the #announcements channel from Orli Discord Support Server and Orli YouTube channel to see the demo video of the new features released.

Of course! Just make sure Orli is part of your private channel and has Orli role.

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We are connected with our users on Orli Discord Support Server. Our users join there to learn the latest functionalities released, ask for functionalities or provide feedback.

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