Top 10 Best Discord bots for Business for Project Management and Business Automation

What are the 10 best Discord bots to boost your Business Discord Server?

Orli continues studying business topics and sharing their knowledge and experience with you. That’s why we have prepared a  list of 10 Best Discord Bots for Business automation and efficient project management implementation with Discord.

Initially, Gamers were using Discord to chat through texts, voice, or video. Since the majority of the youth across the world uses Discord, Discord brought in some compelling features such as customization, moderation, utilities, bots. It did not stop there rather, it kept getting better by introducing more intriguing and captivating functionalities. This growth increased the audience, and more users came to this platform, even the ones without any gaming background. Since many companies prefer such trendy platforms to manage their team communication, collaboration, project management, digital marketing, and other stuff related to their business development, Discord became a quality business tool.

To improve user’s overall experience on Discord, different companies introduced Bots for business and project management. Discord bots became third-party tools, primarily used for automating a range of manual tasks on companies’ servers. There are some bots on Discord that businesses use for specific functions, while others can be multi-functional. Choosing the best Discord bots to get maximum outcomes can be challenging for a company because these bots exist in large numbers. Therefore, we have made a list of 10 best Discord bots for business:

1. MEE6 Discord Business Bot

MEE6 is the first one in our list of 10 Discord business bots. It is an excellent bot for moderation. Even though it incorporates many other functionalities, the major task that makes it worth getting is moderation. It automatically scans your messages, detects violations and spam, and can mute or ban those inappropriate users based on these scans. as a Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation from Orli Daily Scrum Bot

2. Apollo – Discord Business Bot

This one is another business bot to add to your Discord channel. Businesses are all about meetings and discussions. When it comes to scheduling, Apollo lets you create events, send invitations to other users, and those users can accept/decline the invitation. If you want Apollo to delete the occurrence automatically at a particular time, you can configure this bot to do so.

Apollo Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation from Orli Daily Scrum Bot

3. Statbot – Discord Business Bot

Keeping track of your server’s stats is probably an essential part of the business. Statbot provides you with information regarding your work productivity and communication. This bot keeps you updated with the data, such as which channels are most active, how frequently members participate, and much more.

StatBot Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation from Orli Daily Scrum Bot

4. Quillbot – Discord Business Bot

If you want your sentences rewritten or paraphrased, Quillbot is the way to go. In a community, quotations are used repeatedly but giving a different structure to a quote can help you keep your content interesting.

Quill Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation. The best 10 discord bots

5. Discord Translator – Discord Business Bot

The language barrier happens to be the most discouraging factor in communication. Effective communication is necessary in every business, and if people from different parts of the world with different languages work for the same company, it is mandatory to have a translator. Discord translator bot can translate your message in other languages of your choice. The best part is that it can translate the same message in multiple languages simultaneously.

6. Zira – Discord Business Bot

Assigning roles has been made easy; Zira is the best reaction role bot for Discord. It provides you with a great way to assign roles to your teams in different channels based on which reaction image they click. It can also automatically send greeting messages to the users when they join or leave the server.

Zira Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation

7. Orli Scrum Project Management Bot – Best Discord Business Bot

It is one of the multi-functional and flexible bots which has many helpful features for project management and business needs. The range of traits and variety of integrations make Orli Daily Scrum Bot for stand-up meetings on Discord one of the essential tools to manage the business. Orli has integrations with GitHub, GitLab, YouTrack, Jira, Trello,, and Notion. So, it continues developing new integrations to make it more useful for managers, business owners, and developers.

Orli marks tasks ToDo, finished tasks, or the ones that we should do in the future, pings you to report the Daily, follow your goals achievement steps, be ready for deadlines. Furthermore, Orli prepares a summary report based on all your assignments, runs asynchronous daily meetings automatically, retrospectives, and even more.

Looking for the best project management bot for Discord?

8. Xenon – Discord Business Bot

Running a business on a digital platform can be risky in terms of data corruption. Xenon enables you to backup your discord server. If anything goes wrong, you can easily restore the server with 0% loss of information. Users can adjust Xenon to transfer messages between multiple channels. Safety and restoring your data are a must to survive in today’s competitive digital world.

Xenon Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation from Orli Daily Scrum Bot

9. Poll Bot – Discord Business Bot

It is necessary to get your employees’ opinions and customers’ feedback if you want to run a business efficiently. PollBot enables you to create polls such as yes/no, custom answers, and timed polls. There’s no limit to how many polls you can generate. This Bot lets you keep your customers engaged.

Poll Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation

10. GiveawayBot – Discord Business Bot

The most encouraging and exciting things for users are usually the rewards and giveaways. The best strategy is to have a GiveawayBot that helps you set up contests with attractive prizes to attract users to your brand. It can boost your brand image and save your time and effort.

Giveaway Best Discord Business bot for Project Management and Business Automation from Orli Daily Scrum Bot

Discord is so versatile that we can develop a new list of Discord Business bots very soon. For now, you can also check another list of useful Discord Bots for Business on Orli’s Daily Blog. Every Bot solves a range of problems that are vital for a company. Thus, using Discord and not following Bots updates could be a big mistake for a business. In any case, you can always try the Bot, its effectiveness, and check if it is suitable for your business needs and use it for managing big projects and team workflow only after trying.

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