Best Practices when Setting your Priorities

Best Practices when Setting your Priorities - save time - todo bot-task management bot- tasks lists- daily scrum bot for project management

Nowadays, everyone seems to be complaining about the lack of time. With the advancement in every aspect of human life, the twenty-four hours do not seem to be ample enough. One of the simple solutions to make the most out of these twenty-four hours is to prioritize our lives. But often, we fail to prioritize our lives the correct way. Here, we will discuss some of the best practices that we can employ in our daily lives while setting your priorities .

1. Considering the Most Important Things to be Done:

Sit every day for some time and ponder over the things which you consider the most important. Here, we can differentiate between these tasks in two categories, i.e., should-dos and must-dos. The “should-dos” are the tasks people impose upon us or ask us to do for themselves. In contrast to them, “must-dos” are the tasks that can bring out positive changes in our lives. Therefore, everyone among us should try to accomplish the must-dos first and then go for should-dos.

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2. ­Creating the Prioritizing List:

Writing every important thing down always helps the people. It happens because when you write something, it makes a solid base in your mind, and you automatically become determined to fulfill that task.

3. Go Sep-by-Step while Setting your Priorities :

Dreaming big is necessary. But it is essential to dream within your realities. Whenever we decide to change our lives suddenly, we get overwhelmed and stop trying to change ourselves. Therefore, you should list down all the resolutions and prioritize the change you want in yourself first. Once you have implemented that change, you can move on to the next one.

Setting your Priorities - save time - todo list -task management bot- tasks lists- daily scrum bot for project management

4. Assessing the Productive Days of the Week:

There are some days in the week when we feel energetic and productive. While at some days, we do not feel like doing anything at all. Hence, it is essential to understand that during which days of the week we feel more energetic. Once we determine those days, we should become determined to make the most out of our productive days. During these days, we can also try to accomplish the things listed in our priority list.

5. Accomplishing the Toughest Task First:

Prioritizing and completing the most difficult tasks first will allow you to blow a huge sigh of relief. Once you have completed this task, it will become easy for you to accomplish the rest of the tasks in line.

Setting your Priorities - save time - todo bot-task management bot- tasks lists- daily scrum bot for project management

6. Making a Timeline:

Creating a timeline is also helpful in completing your priorities. However, it is crucial to consider that overlapping too many tasks within a shorter time can overwhelm you. Making a timeline is essential for those tasks that can consume a lot of time. Hence, do not create timelines for the tasks requiring a shorter period as that can be unrealistic and, at times, useless.

7. Limiting Distractions:

Distractions are one of the biggest sources of bringing you down your progress track. These distractions imply that you should locate and try to eradicate all such distractions that do not allow you to make progress. But it is essential to consider that you cannot eliminate these distractions. Still, you must limit them to your maximum potential.

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