Can I use Discord for business? Is it essential to integrate some Discord bots into my working process? What are the Best Discord Bots?

If you have the same questions as many others have, don’t worry, there is no need to wonder anymore because we will help you find the correct answer.

Using Discord for business is very beneficial. Many Discord bots could help you to succeed in managing different projects. To have a productive Discord server, you should refresh it with new valuable bots, which will maintain your working platform with various new features, like polls, standup meetings, automatic reports, calendars for different time zones, etc.

We share the top 5 – the best project management Discord bots to help you quickly adjust and choose a bot for your working process and increase your productivity. So, go ahead and check our list of the best Discord bots that anyone can use.

Todo bot for Discord

Todo bot for Discord - Best project management tools for Discord - Scrum bot Daily Meetings

If you want to get a perfect bot to keep track of your tasks directly in Discord, Todo is definitely for you!

It helps you to organize a bunch of task lists with several steps. This bot provides an opportunity to create a fully functional to-do list with all commands to sort tasks, view, or edit them.

The task lists are sharable and available for everyone and privately (personal access). You can control, access, and edit the lists. Todo support service is available 24/7.

Orli Scrum Bot for Discord

Are you a project manager, scrum master, developer, or business owner?

In all these cases, you can benefit from setting up Orli Scrum bot for standup meetings. It is one of the best discord bots for business.

Orli is a All in 1 project management bot in Discord

ToDo Bot for Discord

Daily Standup for Discord

Automatic reporting in Discord

Web dashboard for Team performance

Asynchrnous Retrospective in Discord

Orli integrates with Jira, Trello, YouTrack,, Notion enabling teams to keep their work always up to date in 1 click. They offer free integration, so feel free to jump on their server and ask for what you need.

Moreover, Orli Scrum Bot for Discord –  your Project Management bot – automatically runs asynchronous daily meetings, performance reports, and retrospectives while keeping your task always up to date. Sounds great, right?

Just add Orli Daily bot to Discord and enjoy its free features.

Don’t know if Orli is a good fit for your team?

Considering your teams’ opinions is critical nowadays. With Pollmaster Bot you can create and run polls in just seconds.

Want to know what time is best to meet? Run a Poll.

Want to know which version of the design your team prefers? Run a Poll.

Manage complex polls on your server quickly. There are several options such as voting with reactions (users don’t need to type anything), anonymous voting, single or multiple choice polls, scheduling polls, etc. Additionally, you can set some restrictions depending on your workers’ positions and roles in a company. Bot for Discord Discord Bot Orli Scrum Daily Meeting Project Management Tool is maybe the best and the most featured ticket bot. Let’s state it!

Creates a channel between your staff and your client.

If you are looking for a sales bot with a dashboard for your team or personal usage, is for you. Furthermore, this bot is a great helper, and it has powerful ticket support. You can link your tickets to your Project Management tools – like Jira, and never miss a request from your clients!

Create support tickets with a single message directly in Discord.


Sesh is the best calendar bot for Discord!

If you have an international team, you need to be aware of their time zones to communicate with your team members.

Sesh automatically sets your time zone, easily allows anyone to convert events to their local time zone with one click, specifies events in any time zone. Moreover, it has a poll support option (you can vote to pick the best time) and links to Google Calendar.

Best discord bots - management tools - useful bots

If you want to have some fun, you could enjoy the Discord server’s gaming benefits. Try Chess bot, Rhythm (music does make us more productive,) Birthday bot (ever miss a colleague’s birthday), etc. Overall, working together is much better if you also have fun together. As you see, there are many helpful Discord bots. Don’t hesitate, set them, double your productivity and solve many operational challenges just in several clicks with the best project management bots for Discord.

To sum up, according to our team experience, The top 5 Best Project Management bots for Discord or Best Discord Bots are:

  1. Todo bot for Discord
  2. Orli Scrum Bot for Discord
  3. Pollmaster Bot for Discord
  4. Bot for Discord
  5. Sesh Bot for Discord