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5 Apr
IST Timezone support and New Help menu

Support for half hour timezones is now available.

7 Mar
Orli Daily Bot for Discord – List of Commands

Empower your team to master their time. Orli daily bot allows remote teams to do their stand-ups asynchronously in their own time zones. Adding Orli Scrum Bot takes only 1 min! Click on Add Daily Bot to Discord, set your daily reporting channel, the participants, and timezone and you are set to use Orli for...

How to identify the first users? 2
11 Jun
How to involve your users in the Sprint Review?

Sharing my experience as an Enterprise Agile Coach and Product Owner

Orli - Scrum bot for Discord
11 Jun
Agile Product Development as a small software development company?

How to get started developing a software product using Agile Methodology — my journey as a Product Owner for the AI Project Management Bot for Discord Jira integration

5 Jun
Discord Jira Integration

Stand-ups + Update Jira items in Discord Friday, the 5th of June 2020, Orli is available for everyone. Click on the following link and install it on your Discord Server: Discord Jira Integration. Functionalities we released: Configure your Daily Scrum (Daily Stand-up) questions By default (if you don’t do any configuration) the Daily Scrum questions...

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