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Cut the time in meetings by half

Orli is the Data Intelligence solution that helps managers and teams to optimize their time.

Save up to +40k €/year in meetings

A team of 25 people spends +50k € / year in meetings.

With Orli you get:


You can choose the business metrics your team needs for follow and Orli takes care of the rest.


No Business Intelligence or tools knowledge is required.


Orli integrates with your tools and compiles comprehensive dashboards.


With Orli, you can have a bird's eye view of your operations, or drill down into the details.


Orli gives you all the data you need to manage your business' future and take strategic decisions.


You can see the correlations between different areas of your business.




All your information centralized

Orli.AI integrations with your tools and provides a unified actionable dashboard.

No Business intelligence or Technical knowledge is required.

Operational Dashboard

Learn what needs your attention NOW.


Every morning receive in Slack or by email your company-wide view so you know who is blocked, overdue tasks, what your team is working on, and anything else, you need to minimize your daily operational meetings.


Warnings on KPIs are included.

Analytics Dashboards

With our BI-based analytics, you will be able to see the correlations between tasks, code quality, marketing performance, sales and not only.


Use these analytics to work ON your business, and get more time for strategic work.

Fully customizable

Your business is unique. We know it!


Chose from hundreds of KPIs, the ones relevant to your business needs and for each key role in your organization.


No business intelligence or technical knowledge is required.

Connect to your favorite apps in one click

Select the tools you or your team uses and in just one click you benefit from Orli's full potential

Want to save time in meetings in your company?

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