Discord Daily Bot Orli – List of Commands

With Orli, you can

  • Plan Work
  • Do asynchronous Daily Scrum meetings
  • Get automatic performance reports
  • Do asynchronous Retrospective meetings

Show task list



Create a new task:

orli-task-add <“task name”> [estimation] [assignee] [priority]

!orli-task-add “Task Title” 2h30m @John 3
  • [estimation] = 2h30m20s
  • [assignee] = @John
  • [priority] = 0-9, 0 (lowest), 9 (highest), 1 – default

Edit an existing task

orli-task-edit <ID> <“new title”>

!orli-task-edit 5 “This is the new title for the task with ID 5”

Remove a task

orli-task-remove <ID>

!orli-task-remove 5

Mark a task as Done

orli-task-done <ID> [actual_task_duration]

!orli-task-remove 3 1h30m

Add time estimate to a task

orli-task-time-estimate <ID> <estimation>

!orli-task-time-estimate 3 2h30m

Log time for a task

orli-task-log-time <ID> <duration>

!orli-task-log-time 3 1h30m

commnand <mandatory_parameter> [optional_parameter]


Show all configurations



Configure your Orli Daily:

orli-daily-configure <arg> <value>

  • change-channel #channel_name
  • add-work-day Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun
  • remove-work-day Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun
  • remove-question <keyword>
  • add-question <keyword> <“question”> <icon>
  • order-question <question ID1 question ID2 question ID3 > 
  • change-icon <keyword> <icon>
  • change-time-zone <+/number>
  • change-daily-start <HH:MM>
  • change-daily-end <HH:MM>
  • add-user @john @tom
  • remove-user @john @tom
  • remove-user all
  • change-report-time <HH:MM>
  • change-report-day Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun
  • change-prefix ?
  • change-language en

To send your Daily Standup

write to Orli in Direct Message: !orli-daily

Orli Report:

orli-report <frequency> [export]

!orli-report weekly export
  • <frequency> = daily | weekly | monthly

Display Retrospective configuration



Configure your Retrospective:

orli-retro-configure <arg> <value>

  • change-channel #channel_name
    !orli-retro-configure change-channel #retro_channel
  • add-question <“question”>
    !orli-retro-configure add-question "What did you learn this week?"
  • remove-question <ID>
    !orli-retro-configure remove-question 2
  • add-user @john @tom
    !orli-retro-configure add-user @john @tom
  • remove-user @john @tom
    !orli-retro-configure remove-user @john @tom

Start the retrospective



Submit your Retrospective in Direct Message to Orli

orli-retro-send <question_ID> <"answer">

!orli-retro-send 1 "This is what I learned this week"
!orli-retro-send 2 "This is what it didn't go well this week"

Start the retrospective



Show list of aliases



Change command

orli-alias-add <new_command> <original_command>

!orli-alias-add odd orli-daily-configure

Change command

orli-alias-remove <new_command>

!orli-alias-remove odd

See user settings



Configure your user specific settings (or another user)

orli-user-configure <arg> <value>

  • change-time-zone +2 (from UTC)
!orli-user-configure change-time-zone +5.5
  • use-server-time-zone <true | false>
    !orli-user-configure use-server-time-zone true
  • clear-task-list <yes | no>
    !orli-user-configure clear-task-list no
  • change-language <en | fr | es | ru>
    !orli-user-configure change-language fr
  • use server time zone <true | false>
    !orli-user-configure true
  • delete all
    !orli-user-configure delete all
  • change settings for someone else – add @John at the end of any command

Learn more about how to use Orli on your server