Daily bot for Discord - Orli your All in 1 Scrum bot for Discord

With Orli Discord Daily Bot, you can

  • Plan Work
  • Do asynchronous Daily Scrum meetings
  • Get automatic performance reports
  • Do asynchronous Retrospective meetings

Server and Team specific functionalities

Each server has:

  • server settings and
  • teams with
    • team members
    • tasks
    • tools integrations
    • daily
    • retrospective
    • automatic reports
    • dashboard
You can configure Orli via our Orli cockpit.

Task List

We recommend this functionality for very simple projects or for those small tasks that aren’t big enough to be in a project management tool, but you don’t want to forget to do (eg: calling someone).

Users can have private task lists or team task lists.

The private tasks are only visible for the users, while the team task list of a particular user can be seen by anyone.

  • List
  • Add
  • Edit
  • Mark as done
  • Remove
  • Set priority
  • Log time

List of commands


!orli-task-add "This is a new title with estimation" 2h30m12s
!orli-task-add "This is a new title with assignee" @john
!orli-task-add "This is a new title with assignee and priority" @john 3
!orli-task-edit 2 "This is a new title"
!orli-task-remove 5
!orli-task-done 3
!orli-task-time-estimate 3 2h30m
!orli-task-log-time 3 1h20m

Connect your tools with Orli

If you are working on projects that are more complex and longer than 1 week and you need more features, we recommend you use a project management tool.

There are plenty out there and Orli integrates with a handful.

You can always request our team for more integrations and remember: we give priority to our premium users. So go ahead and pick a spot on our backlog right now!

All the integrations are used when reporting your Daily, Orli will suggest to you what tasks to report based on:

  • tasks due in the upcoming 7 days or current sprint
  • tasks you updated since the last daily
  • tasks assigned to you

We expand our integration functionalities based on our user requests. Submit your suggestions to our Discord Server.

Currently, Orli integrates with

  • Jira
  • Trello
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Notion
  • Monday.com
To configure your integrations, go to Orli Cockpit.

Show all configurations for Orli Daily Functionality

Every day, every team member would report their progress:

  • what did they do yesterday
  • what they’ll do today
  • if they are any blockers

This helps the team members to stay aligned and always have a plan without the need to meet.


To report the Daily:

write to Orli in Direct Message: !orli-daily or wait for Orli to ping you. To configure your Daily, use Orli Cockpit.

Orli Report:

Every week Orli sends an automatic performance report. To see more information, you’ll click on the button.

To see the information of this report, use the command:


To see detailed reports and to configure your reports, go to Orli Cockpit.

Orli retrospective

At the end of each week, look at the performance reports and think about what can you improve next week:

  • what did go well this week
  • what could you have done better
  • what do you want to do differently next week

At the end of the daily period, Orli will release all the team members’ answers anonymously.

After the retrospective starts, send your answers to Orli in Direct Message, in the following format:

!orli-retro-send 1 "This is what I learned this week"
!orli-retro-send 2 "This is what it didn't go well this week"

To configure Orli Retrospective, go to Orli Cockpit.


Configure your user-specific settings (or another user)

!orli-user-configure delete all
!orli-user-set-server 1

Learn more about how to use Orli on your server