Orli Discord Daily Bot – List of Commands

With Orli Discord Daily Bot, you can

  • Plan Work
  • Do asynchronous Daily Scrum meetings
  • Get automatic performance reports
  • Do asynchronous Retrospective meetings

Server and Team specific functionalities

Each server has:

  • server settings and
  • teams with
    • team members
    • tasks
    • tools integrations
    • daily
    • retrospective
    • automatic reports
    • dashboard

Server settings


!orli-server-configure change-language en
!orli-server-configure change-prefix ?

The supported languages are: en, es, fr, ru.

Team settings

!orli-team-configure add-user @you
!orli-team-configure remove-user @you
!orli-team-configure change-time-zone
!orli-team-configure change-team-name “The Rockstars”

Multi-team functionality is available only for our Premium Users.

Change the server commands

You can replace Orli commands with your own using the following commands.

!orli-alias-add ota orli-task-add
!orli-alias-remove ota

Task List

We recommend this functionality for very simple projects or for those small tasks that aren’t big enough to be in a project management tool, but you don’t want to forget to do (eg: calling someone).

Users can have private task lists or team task lists.

The private tasks are only visible for the users, while the team task list of a particular user can be seen by anyone.

  • List
  • Add
  • Edit
  • Mark as done
  • Remove
  • Set priority
  • Log time

List of commands


!orli-task-add "This is a new title with estimation" 2h30m12s
!orli-task-add "This is a new title with assignee" @john
!orli-task-add "This is a new title with assignee and priority" @john 3
!orli-task-edit 2 "This is a new title"
!orli-task-remove 5
!orli-task-done 3
!orli-task-time-estimate 3 2h30m
!orli-task-log-time 3 1h20m

Connect your tools with Orli

If you are working on projects that are more complex and longer than 1 week and you need more features, we recommend you use a project management tool.

There are plenty out there and Orli integrates with a handful.

You can always request our team for more integrations and remember: we give priority to our premium users. So go ahead and pick a spot on our backlog right now!

All the integrations are used when reporting your Daily, Orli will suggest to you what tasks to report based on:

  • tasks due in the upcoming 7 days or current sprint
  • tasks you updated since the last daily
  • tasks assigned to you

We expand our integration functionalities based on our user requests. Submit your suggestions to our Discord Server.

Currently, Orli integrates with

  • Jira ( available from 27th Nov 2021)
  • Trello
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Notion
  • Monday.com











Show all configurations for Orli Daily Functionality

Every day, every team member would report their progress:

  • what did they do yesterday
  • what they’ll do today
  • if they are any blockers

This helps the team members to stay aligned and always have a plan without the need to meet.




!orli-daily-configure change-channel #channel_name
!orli-daily-configure add-work-day Mon
!orli-daily-configure remove-work-day Sat
!orli-daily-configure remove-question meetings
!orli-daily-configure done "Done yesterday":white_check_mark:
!orli-daily-configure order-question 3 1 2
!orli-daily-configure change-icon done :thumbsup:
!orli-daily-configure change-daily-start 10:15
!orli-daily-configure change-daily-end 10:30

To report the Daily:

write to Orli in Direct Message: !orli-daily
then use the reactions to add tasks

Orli Report:

Every week Orli sends an automatic performance report. To see more information, you’ll click on the button.

To see the information of this report, use the command:


To change the automatic reporting day and time:

!orli-team-configure change-report-date Thu
!orli-team-configure change-report-time 17:30

Orli retrospective

At the end of each week, look at the performance reports and think about what can you improve next week:

  • what did go well this week
  • what could you have done better
  • what do you want to do differently next week

At the end of the daily period, Orli will release all the team members’ answers anonymously.

Configure your Retrospective

orli-retro-configure change-channel #channel_name
!orli-retro-configure add-question "What did you learn this week?"
!orli-retro-configure remove-question 2
!orli-retro-configure change-retro-start 10:30
!orli-retro-configure remove-retro-end 11:30
!orli-retro-configure remove-retro-day Thu

Answer the retrospective questions

After the retrospective starts, send your answers to Orli in Direct Message, in the following format:

!orli-retro-send 1 "This is what I learned this week"
!orli-retro-send 2 "This is what it didn't go well this week"


Manual retrospective commands:


Configure your user-specific settings (or another user)

orli-user-configurechange-time-zone +2 (from UTC)
!orli-user-configure change-time-zone
!orli-user-configure use-server-time-zone true
!orli-user-configure clear-task-list no
!orli-user-configure change-language fr
!orli-user-configure true
!orli-user-configure delete all
  • change settings for someone else – add @John at the end of any command
  • the supported languages are: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Learn more about how to use Orli on your server