Discord GitLab integration from Orli Standup Bot for Project Management

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Hello everyone! Orli’s new weekly release brings you the Discord GitLab Integration!

Thank you, S, and your team for requesting Discord GitLab integration from Orli Scrum Bot for Project Management and Business Automation.

Why do teams and developers need to use GitLab? What is GitLab?

Before going to the GitLab Discord integration, let’s answer several essential questions about GitLab:

Why do developers need GitLab?

Why does GitLab so crucial for software project management and developers teams?

If you are a developer, you know what GitLab is and how essential it is to manage your projects because GitLab provides a platform, space to make the software development collaboration process possible and practical. Every team member can contribute and directly or internally impact the company’s workflow because of GitLab.

What are the advantages of GitLab?

Easy configuration and management are some of the essential advantages of GitLab, and because of these features, GitLab is user-friendly. Furthermore, GitLab has vital security measures such as granular restrictions and permissions; it even has Kerberos for user authentication.

GitLab provides all the opportunities for a team to finish the software development lifecycle without any obstacles and losses. Moreover, Gitlab is available for free also.

Thus, let’s sum up why to use GitLab with your team:

✅Easy configuration and management


✅Vital security measures

✅Provides many opportunities to develop software lifecycle with a team

Now, Let’s Go to Discord GitLab integration with Orli Scrum Bot for Project Management!

Actually, this integration, like many other integrations (Trello Discord, YouTrack Discord, Jira DiscordMonday.com Discord, Notion.so Discord.), is essential for your projects and seems challenging to manage. But, the truth is that when you use Orli Scrum Bot, the integration process changes to be so complicated as it appeared before. Orli implements this process so quickly and easily that you need to follow several commands and enjoy successful integration results.

Use the following commands to implement Discord GitLab integration:

Discord GitLab integration from Orli PM. Orli GitLab integration

✅ Connect Orli with your GitLab account


✅ Set your status column, assignee, and sprint parameters.


✅ See the existing configuration

Discord GitLab integration Project. Orli PM. Orli GitLab integration - configuration

After mentioned three commands, you can share with your team a great news that Discord GitLab integration is succefully done with Orli Scrum Bot.

🎡How does Discord GitLab integration work?

1⃣ Orli suggests reporting in the daily the tasks that are:

    ✅ assigned to the user & due in the upcoming week

    ✅ assigned to the user & have been marked as done since the last daily

2⃣ This configuration is user-specific, so different users can have different done statuses.

3⃣ The Closed status is used by Orli to automatically update tasks as done and keep your GitLab board up to date.

Discord GitLab integration from Orli PM. Orli Teacher. your projects on GitLab for teams

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