Orli: GitLab Bot for Discord

Management GitLab tasks from Discord, report GitLab tasks progress on active sprints

and get a team performance dashboard without ever leaving Discord.

Unlimited users. For free.

Orli GitLab Bot for Discord Features

Are you losing time switching between tools?
Are you losing time trying to find out what you need to work on?
Are you losing time learning if your team works on the right tasks?

Features for GitLab Integration bot for Discord

Orli provides all-in-one GitLab Discord Integration to manage your work directly from Discord.


Share your Daily progress on Jira issues to keep everyone informed.


Orli generates automatic dashboards from your Jira cards.


Automatic Dashboard for the management

Orli sends a weekly insights report to your selected Discord channel.

  • GitLab Dashboard with filters on team members
  • GitLab Dashboard with the export of data
  • GitLab Dashboard with a filter on dates
  • See done tasks in GitLab Dashboard
  • See pending tasks in GitLab Dashboard

Report in Daily progress on GitLab tasks

Report Daily your progress on your GitLab tasks.

  • Get daily reminders in Discord on upcoming GitLab issues
  • See the GitLab tasks assigned to you
  • See the GitLab you need to do in the upcoming 7-days or in a group
  • Update GitLab task status automatically
  • See overdue tasks Report in Discord the GitLab issues
  • See what everyone works on

What makes Orli GitLab Discord integration different?

Centralised Dashboard

Orli calculates management metrics so you have the right tools to manage your business.

All task list from all your tools

Orli integrates multiple Task Management tools so your team can have everything in 1 centralized task list.


Orli moves your GitLab tasks to done when you report them as Done in your Orli Daily. So your GitLab board is always up to date.

Frequent Asked Questions about GitLab Discord Integration

How do I get started?

  1. Go to https://cockpit.orli.ai/
  2. Team settings
  3. Click add an integration
  4. Set your configurations

Can I add Orli to a private channel?

Yes, absolutely! Just make sure Orli is part of that channel and has Orli rights.

Do I need GitLab admin rights to setup Orli?

No, anyone can do it.

What do I need to see my GitLab tasks when reporting the Daily?

You need to have tasks assigned to you and with the due date in the upcoming 7 days OR tasks in the current sprint(assigned to you).

I don't see my tasks in the Daily, what should I do?

Make sure the GitLab user you assigned the tickets are the same as the one you connected to.

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