Discord Jira Integration

Stand-ups + Update Jira Discord integration

Friday, the 5th of June 2020, Orli Scrum Bot is available for everyone. Click on the following link and install it on your Discord Server: Discord Jira Integration.

Functionalities we released:

Configure your Daily Scrum (Daily Stand-up) questions

By default (if you don’t do any configuration) the Daily Scrum questions are:

  • What did you complete yesterday to achieve the sprint goal?
  • What did you work on (but didn’t complete) yesterday to achieve the sprint goal?
  • What will you be working on today to achieve the sprint goal?
  • What does it block you from achieving the sprint goal?
  • What do you need to “discuss after.”

Any user you can configure the following:

  • set the questions the team must answer
  • define who reports in the daily scrum
  • specify the window of time in which the team must report on Daily Stand-Up
  • identify the channel in which the team members will report
  • which users report in the Daily Scrum

All the bots from your server are blacklisted by default.

Report Daily Scrum (Daily Stand-up)

To report on Daily Scrum, every user must write to Orli directly (as a direct message). We implemented this functionality because it gives the possibility to any scrum team member to take their time and create their daily standup while keeping the reporting channel structured.

Orli formats your Daily Stand-up.

We made it easy for Teams to report on stand-ups. Write in any format you feel comfortable, and Orli will format it for you, for instance:


What did I finish yesterday


What I worked on yesterday, but I didn’t finish


What I will work on today


The Blockers I have


Meetings I need to have on specific subjects

Link your Jira Discord user with Orli

It will happen in 2 steps:
1. Create a Jira API Token and
2. Configure your user.
To link Orli to your Jira user, you will need your Jira ID. To get your Jira ID, follow the following instructions:

  1. On your Jira project page, click on the top right corner
  2. Click on Profile
  3. The Jira ID is the code from the address bar

Learn more here.

List the Jira Discord user stories assigned to you.

You will see only the user stories that have your user as an assignee. Make sure you connected your Jira server to Orli before.

List the Jira sub-tasks assigned to you.

You will see only the user stories that have your user as an assignee. Make sure you connected your Jira server to Orli before.

Update any Jira issue assigned to you in Discord

You can update the status and assignee for Jira user stories or Jira sub-tasks.

Full Help in support directly in Discord

Just type !help and the command name and you get all the information related to that particular command and its parameters.

Feedback (Coming up next sprint)

Following the Agile Software Development Principles, we commit to deliver the highest customer value first. Please let us know what you need for Orli to help make your business more agile and more profitable.

Known Orli limitations:

  • comments on the name of the one who configured Discord (Admin, we recommend to tag the persons)
  • Orli supports only one daily standup channel per server
  • no admin rights, everyone has full access to configure Orli

Orli Scrum Bot is quite flexible and developing fast. As a result, Orli helps you successfully implement different integrations for Discord and increase the effectiveness of your project management and business automation processes.

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