Discord Monday.com integration with Orli – Scrum bot for Discord

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🆕 Aloha Orli Community! Orli brings you great news every week, and this time we share the information about Discord Monday.com integration with Orli – Scrum bot for Discord! Yes, we already have Monday.com Discord integration for Orli’s users. Wow!

The integration with Monday.com Discord is a requirement from M – one of our first users to believe in Orli! We thank him and his team for their loyalty, feedback, and support in helping Orli grow by prioritizing our list of integrations as their Project Management tool.

As you already know, Monday.com is a Work Operating System (Work OS). It states that Monday.com is not just a project management tool. It goes beyond and helps manage all projects and processes related to adding campaigns, CRM, customer projects, tracking bugs, and even managing video production. Sounds unbelievable, right? However, it is true!

Monday.com Discord - a project management tool for business automation and business processes

Monday.com is for use across teams, organizations, departments, managers, or team leaders for various projects, processes, and any workflow. It provides an opportunity to follow your progress and share it with your teams, stop doing routine work, customize it to your teams’ changeable needs, and meet specific operational requirements of your processes. Moreover, the complete information could be shared in visuals like graphs, shapes, charts, etc., to make it more enjoyable to use.

That’s why you definitely will love an opportunity to integrate Monday.com Discord with Orli Scrum Bot to make your business processes much more productive and use all automation benefits.

Thus, this week’s release from Orli Daily Bot for Stand-up meetings brings us:

🔥 the integration with Monday.com Discord and Orli Scrum Bot

💩 Orli doesn’t ping you for lunch break anymore

💩 Orli informs you need to be an Orli Daily participant to configure your Project Management tool integrations.

If you want to request a feature, join our Discord Community.

Let’s see the details!

Orli PM Monday.com - Discord and Monday.com integration for teamwork

🎡How does Monday.com Discord integration work with Orli – Standup bot for Discord?

How to connect Discord and Monday.com?


1. Connect to your Monday.com account

▶️ !orli-monday-start

2. Select your active board and the ‘Done’ list

▶️ !orli-monday-configure

3. See your current Monday.com configuration

 ▶️ !orli-monday-show-config

4. Select another done list

 ▶️ !orli-monday-configure-done

Orli Monday.com - Discord and Monday.com integration for teamwork

Orli Monday.com - Discord and Monday.com integration for teamwork

Status column - Discord and Monday.com integration for teamwork

Orli Monday.com - Discord and Monday.com integration for teamwork

:ferris_wheel: How does Monday.com for Discord integration work?

When reporting your Daily, Orli reads the tasks assigned to you and suggests to report on your Daily:

  • the issues marked as done
  • the issues updated in the last 24h
  • the issues that are assigned to you

🔜 For the next release, we’ll introduce Notion.io Discord – beta API integration.

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