Discord Bot integration – automatic updates for Orli Standup Discord Bot is here! We just released the Discord integration with Orli Daily Standup bot for Discord.

Why do teams and businesses need to use What is

If you often use a computer for work purposes and spend a lot of time in front of it, Notion is definitely for you.

During a working process, you need to open many tabs, sometimes even more than twenty, for example, Google docs, some operational dashboards, Slack, Trello, an email, etc. It makes our working routine even more complex and heavy. offers a fair solution for it. It provides a space where you can write, capture, share your thoughts, manage your projects across different applications, or even run a company. Moreover, you can use Notion as a writing repository, database, workout calendar, project management software with free unlimited pages and blocks, and much more.

Now, let’s move on to Discord integration from Orli, one of the most useful projects management tools.

First of all, thank you, M and your team, for requesting it from Orli Scrum Bot.

 You need to use the following commands to implement Discord Notion integration:

Orli Scrum Bot - Orli Notion. Discord and

1. Connect Orli with your account


2. Set your status column, assignee, and sprint parameters.


3. See the existing configuration


4. Change the active sprint

!orli-notion-update-sprint and Discord integration for Project Management and Business Automation

 How does Discord integration work?


 Orli suggests reporting in the daily the tasks that are:

  • assigned to the user & in the current sprint
  • assigned to the user & have been marked as done since the last daily.

 This configuration is user-specific, so different users can have different done statuses.

 The done status is used by Orli to automatically update tasks as done and keep your Notion board up to date.

The current sprint must be updated by hand for the moment. Discord integration for Project Management and Business Automation

What are the Other improvements that Orli Scrum Bot made this week?

  • Removed Orli’s response to Hello. Thank you to our users who requested it via Twitter
  • Added an error message with the proper instructions for when Daily participants try to report the daily, but the Daily channel is not correctly configured. Thank you, D for reporting it
  • Increased the number of YouTrack boards to 100 instead of 42 – we thank the JetBrains team for requesting it.

📣See you on Friday at 3 PM CET / 9 AM EST to our Office Hours. You can join at any time to get live support with Orli and Agile.

Add Orli to your Discord and Enjoy Free features! 

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