Discord or Zoom: pros, cons, recommendations

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Discord or Zoom: pros, cons, recommendations

As the world is overgrowing, new technology is introduced in the market every day, increasing productivity. Modifications are demandable in every field and have become necessary for everyday business, organizations, and family and friends. These technologies have completely changed today’s world with communications features. Now physically, meetup isn’t required every time as you can do the same thing online. For those, various apps have conquered the market in which Discord and Zoom apps are two of them. Let’s take a look at Discord or Zoom thoroughly.

Let’s start our Discord or Zoom comparison battle (Discord vs. Zoom) from Discord

Discord is a messaging app. People use it for voice calls and video conferences. Various organizations, as well as different gaming developers, use Discord.

Discord vs. Zoom - online meeting bot -team meeting bot- scrum bot-daily bot- standup bot-pm bot agile bot

Pros to use Discord

  1. Discord can be set up on every platform, including Windows and every version of Android and iPhone.
  2. Any organization can use it—smaller as well as larger ones too.
  3. It’s free of cost, from installing to using its features.
  4. It provides various communication features, including chats, video calls and conferences, editing, etc.
  5. It also gives users various other features, including screen sharing, browser sharing, blogs, and photo galleries.

Cons to use Discord

  1. Discord gives an open environment to its users, resulting in access to unethical users.
  2. Using Live online features, webinars, and in-person training sessions aren’t allowed to utilize this app.
  3. Discord has not introduced a payment feature yet.
  4. Emails management and file sharing can’t be processed through it.
  5. Discord takes a large amount of RAM.

Let’s Continue Discord or Zoom comparison with Zoom

Zoom primarily focuses on video calling and video conferences rather than communicating through messages. Its pros and cons include:

Discord vs. Zoom - online meeting bot -team meeting bot- scrum bot-daily bot- standup bot-pm bots agile bots

Pros to use Zoom:

  1. Zoom is supported on every platform available for users’ interaction.
  2. Documentation, Webinars, Live calling, video conferencing, all under a single roof.
  3. Also, Zoom provides Live Streaming, Meetings, Screen Recordings and Sharing, and Web Conferences.
  4. Other than this, Zoom gives access to Calendar management systems and Browser sharing features too.
  5. It supports a large audience to attend meetings and webinars.

Cons to use Zoom

  1. Zoom’s infrastructure deals with video conferences and callings more, making its availability less than other apps.
  2. It isn’t free of cost. Zoom allows free trials to its users, but they are only on temporary terms. For a permanent and more extended period, one will have to purchase it.
  3. Chat and messaging are only allowed in the internal communication system. 
  4. Other features such as social sharing and photo galleries are neither a part of zoom nor do users have access to any means of it.
  5. Zoom’s video standard has not reached the High Definition (HD) level yet.

Recommendations for Discord & Zoom

Discord and Zoom are two remarkable apps for communication, but comparing Discord vs. Zoom reveals that Discord is better than Zoom.

Zoom gave access to video features rather than others. That’s why organizations use it for online video meetings. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Discord’s structure makes users accompanied with video, audio, and chat messaging too. That’s the main reason smaller and larger organizations and businesses prefer it. Still, it is also famous along the gaming side.

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