GitHub Discord integration with Orli Daily Scrum (Stand-up) Bot

 How to implement GitHub Discord Integration?

💻 Use the following commands to start the GitHub Discord Integration process:

!orli-github-start – connect Orli with your GitLab account

!orli-github-configure – set your status column, assignee, and sprint parameters.

!orli-github-show-config – see the existing configuration

🎡 How does GitHub Discord integration work:

1⃣ Orli suggests reporting in the daily the tasks that are:

* assigned to the user & be assigned to the current project & have assigned the current milestone

* assigned to the user & have been marked as done since last daily

2⃣ This configuration is user-specific, so different users can have different done statuses.

3⃣ The Done status is used by Orli to automatically update tasks as done and keep your GitHub board up to date.

Discord GitHub Integration with Orli Standup bot for Daily Meeting
GitHub Discord Integration with Orli Daily Standup bot for Daily Meeting
Repositories on GitHub for Discord GitHub Integration with Orli Daily Bot
GitHub Discord Integration with Orli Stand-up bot for Scrum daly meeting

🪐 Orli Multi-Language for your integrations on the Discord channel:


We have one more new feature. It is Orli Multi-Language! 

💻 The commands are:

!orli-daily-configure change-language en – change server language

!orli-user-configure change-language en – Change user language

!orli-user-configure “use-server-language” true – Set user language same language as server


🎡Let’s Discover How does it work:

Drop us a message in the #Translations channel if you want a new language, and we’ll provide you the instructions to help us with the translations.

Thank you, TDB, for the requests! Requesting new features becomes more and more popular among Orli Daily Scrum Bot users for Stand-up meetings. Because of our users, we make Orli more innovative day by day.

In conclusion, to remind you how Orli Scrum Bot (Orli Daily Bot) can help you to manage your GitHub Discord integration and projects, let’s go over Orli Scrum Bot’s features one more time. Orli Daily Bot

  •       Organizes and manages your workspaces on GitHub, Trello,,, YouTrack, Jira and team workflow on Discord,
  •       helps to follow tasks from integrated platforms and workspaces,
  •       reports tasks assigned to you, tasks you completed since last Daily or which are due in the upcoming 7 days or done,
  •       provides automatic reports,
  •       measures metrics,
  •       selects the channel where Orli will send reports, etc.

👉 We develop Orli Daily. As a result, it is Super easy to use. Add Orli to your Discord and Enjoy Free features!

GitHub Discord integration with ORli Daily Scrum Bot for Discord for project management and business automation

Why does GitHub so crucial for software project management and developers teams?

If you are a developer, you know what  GitHub is and how essential it is to manage your projects because  GitHub provides a platform, space to make the software development collaboration process possible and practical. Every team member can contribute and directly or internally impact the company’s workflow because of  GitHub.

What are the advantages of GitHub?

Easy configuration and management are some of the essential advantages of  GitHub, and because of these features,  GitHub is user-friendly. Furthermore,  GitHub has vital security measures such as granular restrictions and permissions; it even has Kerberos for user authentication.

GitHub provides all the opportunities for a team to finish the software development lifecycle without any obstacles and losses. Moreover,  GitHub is available for free also.

Thus, let’s sum up why to use GitHub with your team:

✅Easy configuration and management


✅Vital security measures

✅Provides many opportunities to develop software lifecycle with a team

Why do teams need GitHub Discord?

Pandemic times pushed many teams to find better solutions to collaborate and work remotely. As a result, usage of Discord for business and project development needs drastically increased. Various companies look for integrations of their main working tools such as GitHub, GitLab,, YouTrack, Trello, Jira, etc., with Discord.

Implementation of the GitHub Discord integration makes it possible to work directly in Discord and have all your projects in one place. That’s why teams that use GitHub as one of their main working tools and recently have started working in Discord need to implement GitHub Discord integration as much as possible accessible and fast not to stop their usual daily working processes and projects.

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