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Video demonstration on how to use GitHub with Orli Scrum bot in Discord.

Functionalities for Discord GitHub Integration bot:

  • Automatic generation of Daily suggestions based on your GitHub tasks
  • Automatic task updates in your tasks board
  • User specific automation of the completed tasks


  • At least 1 GitHub project
  • At least 1 GitHub Milestones
  • GitHub issues assigned to you, in the current project and with the current milestone assigned to the tickets.
  • GitHub issues updated since the last Daily Standup report in Discord

To configure Discord GitHub Bot Integration use the commands:

  • !orli-github-start – connect Orli with your GitHub account
  • !orli-github-configure – setup your own “Done” list so Orli knows how to automatically update your GitHub cards
  • !orli-github-show-config – display the existing configuration (user specific)
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