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First you need to link your Jira website with Orli. The command you’ll run is:

!orli-jira-config <server_url> <user_email> <api_token> 
eg:  !orli-jira-config "" "" "C9Ee57ZbdJgwkhjq1ag81B26"

How to find your Jira server URL <server_url> ?

  1. Go on your Jira project
  2. On the address bar you’ll see the name of your Jira server eg:

What email address <user_email> to use?

You must use the email address that is linked to the Jira instance you used above.

How to create a Jira API Token <api_token>?

  1. Login to
  2. Click Create API Token
  3. Insert “Orli” on the label field
  4. Click Create
  5. Click Copy to keyboard

Full details here:

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