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For the users that have Orli installed on multiple Discord Channels, we made it possible to select the Discord Server and Channel you want to report.

The command to see your servers is:


If you don’t get an answer when running the command above, run the command below which will set your server:

!orli-user-set-server 1

To select a server use the command:

!orli-user-set-server SERVER_ID

How does it work?

Orli updates the Discord Server you (the Discord user who runs the command) will report for Daily Scrum and will set the Discord Channel from which you run the command as the Discord Channel where Orli will post everyone’s Daily Scrum Report.

Known limitations

Currently a Discord user can post his/her Daily Scrum in only 1 Discord Channel. If you are interested in this functionalities, leave a commend down below and we’ll add it to our Orli Product Backlog.

How to change the Daily Scrum Channel?

Details on: How do I change the channel in which Orli posts our team Daily Scrum?

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