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To be able to configure your Daily Scrum questions, you must have used the default Orli Daily Scrum functionality for 1 sprint (in case you use Jira) or 1 week (if you do not use Jira).

Why I must use the default Daily Scrum before I can edit it?

We get it! Not all teams have the same needs. Orli’s vision is to grow Agile teams from zero to hero. In order to understand what you should be adapting to your needs, you must know what are the best practices and grow from there. The default Daily Scrum from Orli is a best practice – the improved version of the Scrum standard.

If you are allowed to configure your Daily Scrum questions, Congratulations! 🏆

What command do you need to change your Daily Scrum questions?

  • To remove a daily scrum question, use the the command, where “done” is the question code
!orli-daily-configure remove-question done
!orli-daily-configure add-question done "What did you do yesterday to achieve the sprint goal?" 👍 
!orli-daily-configure order-question 2 1 4 5 3
!orli-daily-configure change-icon done 🧭

To see the question code, type: !orli-daily-show-config

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