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How does Orli Tasklist work?

The aim of Orli Tasklist is to help you achieve your goals! For that, we are developing in an Agile way new functionalities regularly. Orli will help you in 4 directions:

  1. make sure you don’t forget anything you need to do and
  2. you stay focused on the tasks you aim to do
  3. you understand what you spend the effort
  4. guide you on how to make strategic decisions based on where you spend your time

Orli Tasklist is meant for daily usage. We believe that managing a long term complex project of a Scrum team with Post-its can get messy very quickly. We strongly recommend you to do use a project management tool such as Jira to keep the track of your longer term plans and use Orli to be on top of the things every day.

Task list operations

You can perform the following operations regarding your Task List:

  • create task list from Daily Scrum report
  • add task on the task list
  • mark a task as done
  • delete a task
  • estimate task duration
  • log time for a task
  • follow up on a task
  • list you tasks

Create task list from Daily Scrum report

Every day when you report to your Daily Scrum, Orli takes the tasks from your ToDo section and adds them to your daily task list. When Orli posts your Daily Scrum message, she adds a note that she created your task list.

I added your ToDo items to the task list.

Add task

You can update your task list any time by using the following command:

!orli-task-add <task_info> <duration>
!orli-task-add "Create release notes for Orli Sprint 2" 2h
!orli-task-add "Create release notes for Orli Sprint 2"

Format for the parameters:

  • task info is a text. it can either be one word or multiple. If you use multiple words use “your task”.
  • duration is an optional parameter and has the following format: DDdHHhMMmSSs (eg: 1d4h30m or 40m). It represents the estimated time it will take you to perform that task. You can use this parameter to later understand where you spend most of your time, take strategic decisions, invoice clients, have Orli follow up with you, update Jira time logged on a particular task.
Hot Tip! Orli adds a an ID to your task that will help you manage your tasks quicker in Discord. You'll never have to insert the full task name, but only the Orli Task ID. Note - the task ID updates every time you add or remove an item from the list, so you want to make sure you modify the right task.

Mark a task as done

You can mark at any time of the day a task as done and it will appear on your today’s ToDo list as strikethrough. That is a wonderful feeling of getting things done, isn’t it?

Hot Tip! Orli will remember all the tasks that you mark as Done today and will add them automatically to tomorrow's Done section of your Daily Scrum. You'll never have to wonder again what did you do yesterday because Orli does it for you.

The command you need to run is:

!orli-task-done <task_id> <actual_time_spent>
!orli-task-done 8 50m

Delete a task

If you added a task by mistake or it is not relevant anymore you can delete it any time. Note: If you have done a task, mark it as done, do not delete it.

The command you use to delete a task is:

!orli-task-remove <task_id>
!orli-task-remove 8

Estimate task duration

Estimating your effort on tasks and logging your actual effort helps you on:

  • planning your day to make sure you don’t over plan, or under plan
  • Orli follows up with you to make sure you stay focus on what you plan to do to achieve your goals
  • you can understand where you spent your time and effort
  • Orli can make time reports that you can directly include in your invoices
  • Orli can coach you on how to better use your time to achieve your goals
  • understand the deviations to help you improve your estimations

Any time tracking features are optional with Orli and we recommend you use it only if it’s bringing you value to your team and business.

Note: Do not add any characters between your task name and time.

To add time estimation you simply add time after your task name:

Example - estimate time during Daily Scrum report:
ToDo: Create Orli task list help page 1h

Example - estimate time when adding a task:
!orli-task-add "Create Orli task list help page" 1h

Example - log actual time when marking a task as done:
!orli-task-done 5 1h10m

Example - log time on a task you are working on:
!orli-task-logtime 5 1h10m

Example - estimate a task from your task list:
!orli-task-time-estimate 5 1h

Follow up on a task

Orli helps you stay focused on critical tasks. If you are working on a task that must be done ASAP and you want to make sure you stay focused on that, or you don’t forget about it, then use this functionality. Orli will ping you just before the task suppose to be done (based on your time estimate) just like a real Project Manager would do it.

The command you need to run is:

!orli-task-follow <task_id>
!orli-task-follow 5

List your tasks

If you want to see your tasks or the just one task list the command below:

!orli-task-list <optional:<task_id>>
!orli-task-list 5

Known limitations

Discord only allows 2000 characters per message. If you aren’t able to get a response on your !orli-task-list command is because you have too many tasks in progress. Consider either deleting obsolete tasks, or making them as Done, so next day they’ll not appear on your list. For excellent project management of your work, our founder – Anca, recommends you use Project Management tools such as Jira, Asana, Trello. A tool will help you to keep things structured because no matter how good a task list is, it will get messy. Use Orli Tasklist only to execute your today’s tasks.

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