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How to report on Daily Scrum?

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Before you start reporting your Daily Scrum, make sure you have performed the setup steps.

To report on Daily Scrum, every user must write to Orli in direct message. We implemented this functionality because it gives the possibility to any Scrum team member to take their time and create their Daily Standup while keeping the reporting channel structured.

You must write !orli-daily to trigger the command of reporting your Orli daily.

Orli displays the list of all your tasks from Orli Task List, your assigned Jira task and your Daily reports from previous days.

You can confirm the status by clicking the suggested reaction, or add a new emoji icon to add that task as a answer to a Orli Daily question.

To add additional information about a certain task, reply to that particular task. If you want to edit this message, click on Edit as any Discord message.

To add additional answers to your daily questions, reply to the preview message in the following format:


Done release notes for Sprint 1 are done
Worked coaching articles for Sprint 2 but not Done
ToDo Publish coaching articles for Sprint 2
Blockers none
Meetings clarification on Daily Scrum new functionalities

You can see how your questions get associated to Orli Daily questions.

Click on ✈️ to send your daily or ❌ to cancel your Daily.

Additional information:

  • try to avoid using the Daily Scrum keywords (eg: Done, Worked, Meetings) in your daily report in the exact same spelling, or configure your keywords if needed
  • you can leave any question empty and Orli will not display it when posting your report
  • you cannot skip any keyword
  • you must respect the order of the keywords

Quick Getting Started Guide:

Read more about What Orli does for you when you report your Daily Scrum using Orli?

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