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Orli formats your Daily Scrum report

Example of what user inserts:

How Orli displays the message in the Daily Scrum channel:

Additional information:

  • if you leave a question empty, Orli will not fill in the information.
  • you can write your entire message in your paragraph or in multiple ones.

Learn How to configure your Daily Standup format?

Orli prepares the completed issue list for you

Orli reads the updates you did in Jira since the last daily and recommends to you what completed Jira issues items to report in your daily.

Orli updates Jira issues

When reporting during your Daily Scrum, if you add the Jira key (e.g.: OR-123) in the:

  • Done section, Orli marks automatically all the items as done.
  • To-Do section, Orli changes automatically the status of these Jira issues in the first “In Progress” status.
  • Worked section, Orli doesn’t do any changes to these items.

Orli creates your task list for the day

When you report on what will you work on today, Orli transforms that list into your Task List of the day.


If you want to mention someone you can simply right @Anca. Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t offer the auto-complete functionality, so you’ll need to write the exact name.

No Daily Scrum reminders during the weekend

You don’t have to worry about being disturbed during the weekend because Orli is configured to skip the weekends.

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