Trello & Discord for Productive Management of your Team and Business automation

Do you have a team that uses Trello or Discord to communicate and collaborate? Did you face problems like teamwork optimization, performance measurement difficulties, updated task lists to meet deadlines, etc.? If the answer is a double “Yes,” then Trello Discord integration is one of the essential processes to implement.

Of course, you can raise a question: “Why should I use Discord and Trello integration instead of others?’’.

First of all, it comes from benefits that Trello and Discord separately provide for business. Let’s start with Trello.

What is Trello?

Nowadays, Business requirements made Trello one of the most essential office software/ applications for project management and team communication. Trello is available in more than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Russian, etc., which makes it even more spreadable.

So, what is Trello? Is it a task management tool, a collaboration tool, a whiteboard with your task lists, a workspace, a team management tool. Trello is all in one place. You create boards, checklists, and notes with tasks you work on, responsible for these tasks, and other details related to the projects.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular flexible communication tool. You can use unlimited numbers of servers to join, unique stickers and emojis, have streamed live desktops to share content, voice chat, separate meeting rooms, create servers, etc. Moreover, it looks pretty casual, and it is super easy to use.

Discord started supporting more and more teams that changed their way of working from an office to a remote way due to the pandemic situation worldwide. With global problems due to lockdowns, Discord is a recently discovered business tool that provides an opportunity to bring workers together to communicate and work and organize their workflow even more efficiently than using other servers. Moreover, you don’t need to pay additional money for Discord because Discord is free.

Trello Discord integration from Orli Daily Bot

Now, let’s concentrate on Trello Discord integration importance!

The importance of Discord Trello integration is that you can use advantages of both at a time: This integration provides a possibility to follow the tasks implementation process and your team members’ communication to see time and work productivity, current projects, and notes you need to add, for people who are responsible for a project or task. You can integrate all Trello cards or only the ones you find more useful for a person or particular team.

How to manage Discord Trello integration?

One of the essential questions is how to manage Trello Discord integration, especially if you are not a developer or want to spend a minimum of time on an integration routine? It is the next question you could have if you decide to use it. Don’t worry! There are just several commands to follow and enjoy results (check the article “ Trello Discord integration with Orli Scrum bot”).

Yes, just several clicks, and you can see all your Trello cards and Trello boards integrated into Discord. Use Orli Scrum bot to organize Trello Discord integration


What is Orli Scrum Bot? Why do I need it for Discord Trello integration?

First of all, let’s know more about Orli Scrum Bot. Orli Daily Bot:

  •       organizes and manages your Trello boards and team workflow,
  •       helps to follow Trello tasks,
  •       reports tasks assigned to you, tasks you completed since last Daily or which are due in the upcoming 7 days or done,
  •       provides automatic reports,
  •       measures metrics,
  •       selects the channel where Orli will send the report, etc.

The next is to understand why we need to use Orli to integrate Trello with Discord.

You can use all these Project Management Tools in one space to empower and manage your team. Furthermore, using Discord Trello integration with Orli Scrum Bot is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your team performance and get some advantages of business automation. 

To Sum up ”Why Do you need to use Orli Scrum Daily Bot for Trello Discord integration?” Due to the following points:

      🟢Low costs;

      🟢Well organized and managed communication and collaboration process;

      🟢Quick and affordable business automation process implementation;

      🟢Easy integration and usage without any specific professional knowledge, skills, and training for the team.

Be ahead of time, be wise to be ahead of your competitors!

Just add Orli Daily bot to your Discord channel and check yourself how much enjoyable it is using Orli Daily Bot for your Team Collaboration and Project Management!

Discord Trello for Productive Management of your Team and Business Automation