How does agile marketing work? Agile Marketing VS. Traditional Marketing

🆕 At the speed of light, life-changing innovations and people’s needs transformed traditional marketing into the new, more competitive Agile Marketing. Inserting Agile in Marketing of your company’s strategy became a necessity to survive in today’s business environment.

What is Agile in Marketing teams?

Agile is a project management methodology that enables Marketing teams to deliver value incrementally. 

Building a marketing strategy in an Agile way (iteratively) enables companies to:

  • concentrate on delivering value on a day to day bases
  • manage changes in priorities
  • adapt to market changes
  • adjust plans to achieve long term vision

What are Agile Marketing principles?

  Agile marketing is best defined as a complex of The Following 6 principles:

  • Customer-oriented collaboration
  • Goals oriented-Flexible planning 
  • Quick adjustment to changes
  • Developing plans based on analytics
  • Continuing Customer Discovery and Research
  • Small experiments and many tries

Agile Marketing principles Scrum Daily Bot Project management

 Agile VS. Traditional Marketing. How does agile marketing work?

Agile Marketing is a mixture of philosophy and values of the Agile approach, which tactical marketing uses to satisfy clients’ needs and solve their problems and obstacles. It also defines as a marketing strategy or organizational effectiveness strategy wherein cross-functional, self-organizing teams collaborate and focus team efforts to finish projects in a short period by delivering high value to the end customer. Thus, this Marketing approach focuses on the customer and customer value chain.

Meanwhile, traditional Marketing focuses on producers, and things producers can control. 4 P’s: The Price, Place, Promotion, Product. Agile marketing uses Robert Lauterborn’s Four C’s marketing model where Cost replaces Price, Communication-Promotion, Convince- Place, and Consumer-Product.  

Agile helps to make traditional marketing more flexible and adjusted to changes and business requirements nowadays.

Let’s discuss some differences between Agile and Traditional Marketing. 

Sometimes, when the company uses a traditional marketing approach, various departments can persuade different goals and have arguments and insufficient communication.

 For example, the financial department cuts a marketing budget without considering the importance of some promotional activities, or lawyers change contracts or spend more time preparing documents without considering the importance of some clients for the company. Another example is when an IT department is busy with one task when changes on the website are essential for a moment. As a result, it influences the whole outcome of the project or a marketing campaign.

In comparison, in Agile Marketing, all the departments work as one, and they pursue the same goal, creating the best value for clients.

 Therefore, fewer conflicts between the departments lead to better results. Moreover, Agile teams constantly study clients and organize marketing research, while the traditional marketing approach involves managing marketing research averagely once a year. 

Agile Marketing VS. Traditional Marketing. Orli Daily Scrum Bot for Project management

It is pretty challenging to consider all ongoing changes in traditional marketing. Sometimes, it is possible to involve them in future marketing plans but not in the current one. But the problem Is that these changes can lose their importance later. 

Thus, agile in marketing provides better opportunities because it has an adaptive way to work. It shares the projects into stages, analyzes results and data for every step, and changes the plans based on the marketing team’s data. 

As we see, Agile connects with Traditional Marketing approaches, but also accomplishes it more and makes the company more competitive.

In both traditional marketing and agile, planning is essential. Still, instead of using lasting term plans, a marketing team needs to divide a year into quarters and then into weeks (from 1-4 weeks) to be Agile. Furthermore, it is essential to mention possible changes in the plans (like a team member leaving a company, seasonal changes, new professionals joining the team, new branches appearing, competitors changing their strategies, new rivals coming out, etc.)


What are the companies that use Agile in Marketing? 

There are many successful cases of inserting Agile in their business. The most exciting examples when the companies have agile marketing teams are McKinsey & Company, Cisco, Teradata, Aussie Bank in Australia, CafePress, Amazon, Spotify, ING Group, SEMRush, etc.

If you are interested in teams and companies which use the Agile approach, leave a comment, and we will write a separate article on examples of successful teams.

 How can Orli Daily Scrum Bot help your team to be agile?

As you already know what Agile in Marketing is, let’s go to the next important point to discover one of the project management tools to help marketing teams be agile. This project management tool is Orli Scrum Bot for Discord. There are some points to see How Orli Daily Scrum Bot allows marketing teams to perform Daily meetings asynchronous:

  • Orli pings you every morning to report to you Daily; If you want to be always on the top as a professional, this option is vital.
  • Mark tasks you need to finish today as ToDo and get your reporting Daily just for that day 
  • You can check all the tasks you finished the day before
  • You can see if you achieve your aims and mark them as Done 
  • Marks all the work you have in progress
  • When your Daily is ready, take your tasks from your Discord lists and go to their implementation.
  • Orli follows your deadlines and shows that your estimated times for the tasks expire.
  • By the end of the week, you automatically get a summary report about assignments, projects your team members/you have worked on


Orli provides an opportunity to increase the productivity of your team collaboration and workflow. It does the work you and your team should do to remember tasks you should implement to meet deadlines, goals you finished, and the new ones you should set up to achieve the best result for your project.

Furthermore, a summary report that Orli Daily Scrum Bot maintenance weekly shows your teamwork, outcomes of your time, efforts, and money investments in the current project.

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