Notion Integrations for Business, Project Management and Development

There are various Notion integrations and embeds with different tools that empower it and highly increase work productivity. For instance, Notion has embeds from Figma, InVision, Google Drive, Google Drive and Sheets, Miro, Gists, Google Maps, GitHub, Abstract, Twitter, Typeform, etc. Moreover, it has link embeds different types of content such as media, videos, etc.

Notion and The Native Slack integration

It is possible to integrate Notion directly with Slack throughout the native integration. People can use the application where this option is inserted. When the integration is enabled, users can connect Notion’s particular pages and Slack’s specified channels. Every time there are some modifications or comments on pages, the person will get an alert notification.
However, sometimes it could be annoying if a user receives alerts for every single modification.

You can implement Notion Native Slack integration with the following steps:

  1. Updates on any Notion page (top right side)
  2. Select Connect Slack channel
  3. Verify and login into your Slack account
  4. Choose the Slack channel to get updated notifications

Discord Notion Integration

As Discord gets popular, the importance of integrations with Discord also grows. The same is about Notion Discord integration. Its implementation is essential for companies and teams that use Discord servers for collaboration and Notion as project management tools. The integration process is not that difficult if the company employs some bots. Moreover, users can do it in a few clicks if they follow instructions and use the given commands. Some of these bots are ORli, Phyton Repo, Automate, etc. Discord integration from Orli Scrum Bot

Let’s go-to reasons why Orli is one of the best tools for Notion integrations.

  1. Free. You can implement Notion integrations without any costs. There is a Premium package for some features, but the price is minor.
  2. Fast. There are several steps to implement the integration process. All commands are given. You can just copy and paste them.
  3. Simple. No need to learn or know to code. You need to follow the user onboarding to implement the integration.
    Convenient. You don’t need to have any additional registration on Orli’s website. Just click the button ”Add to Discord.”
  4. Useful. Besides integrating many essential project management tools, Orli is an all-in-one bot to have Daily Standup meetings, Automatic reports, Retrospectives, Tasks Lists, Dashboard, and more.

Notion integrations using embeds

Besides Native integrations, as we have already mentioned, Notion users can benefit from Notion’s build-in embed features. To have better results in projects, teams can use Notion’s pre-figured blocks. These blocks display content from the most useful apps such as Figma, Framer, GitHub, Google Drive, InVision, Google Maps, Loom, Twitter, Typeform.

It is also possible to turn HTML into an embed-able link via the free HTML Save services. Because Notion identifies most of the URLs can embed them and support Images, PDF, Audio, and other types of files.

Notion integrations Notion reports integration Notion Discord integration for project management - integration bot

How to integrate Notion and Google Calendar?

First of all, if a person will use Google Calendar for some meetings, it is more beneficial to choose the ‘’public’’ option while integrating them.

So to start the integration, do the following steps to implement Notion & Google Calendar integration:

1. Open
2. Add a new Calendar (from other calendars at the right bottom) with a plus sign
3. Set the Access Permission Settings after creating a new Calendar. Make it public
4. Scroll down and copy the Public URL to this Calendar
5. Paste the link on the Notion page

Notion integrations to Create a website

With Notion, it is even possible to turn pages into websites. These websites can have a custom domain, simple navigation, and good SEO.

There are various integrations to create websites with Notion:

With Notion, it is even possible to turn pages into websites. These websites can have a custom domain, simple navigation, and good SEO.


It offers to turn the Notion page into a performant website in an easy way. Users can have customized styles and even enjoy integrations with such essential marketing tools as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. Moreover, Oopy offers Free SSL, Clear Url, Dark Mode, Plugins, etc.

Notion integrations cloack ist Notion reports integration Notion Discord integration for project management 3


It also provides an opportunity to create a website with a custom domain. Additionally, users can add custom HTML, JS, CSS, Analytics. All these are possible without coding knowledge.
Moreover, because Cloakist uses Amazon Web Service, the created website will be the good and stable one.


It is a good integration tool to construct a  website or a blog for various purposes using Notion. You can edit site content, images, URLs, pages, metadata, etc., directly from Notion. Furthermore, users can bring their custom domain or a free one that Notelet offers and use Google Analytics.

Notion integrations widgets integration Notion Discord integration for project management (1)

4. Notion

The most remarkable new Notion templates are open to using with Notion for different teams and aims. For instance, the Employee Handbook, Eisenhower Matrix, Meals Database, Research Project Template, Personal CRM. You need to copy a Notion template and start using it.

notion integrations super notion and discord integration from scrum bot and create website tampletes integration bot

It is one more tool with all features to have a good functioning website. Super provides Custom Domain and Custom Theming, Password Protection, Excellent SEO, Powerful Integration, Automatic SSL, etc. No specific knowledge is required. You can start from 0, copy your page URL, paste into Super and set a website in some clicks with this Notion integration.

Notion Integrations for Knowledge Base

These are the Integrations to evolve hosting or sharing your Notion pages as a knowledge base. You can connect all the information from various collaboration tools.

1. for Knowledge Base

It helps to gather and connect the essential knowledge for the company across teams. There is no need to have some migrations of information you need to use for work and collaboration. Because of this integration, managers set permissions for team members who can have access to some information.

Notion integrations northshore wesbite integration Notion Discord integration for project management - integration bot

 This integration provides the same opportunity to use the existing Notion workflow and have a joint knowledge base for the whole team. It frees the team to learn using other tools and work with current notion docs without creating them again. Moreover, users can set their preferences and be suitable to their board design.

Simple and Useful

Furthermore, Engine provides simple navigation, full-text search, custom domains, optimized SEO. You can create user guides, a help center (also for a  knowledge base for SaaS products), Product Docs, FAQ  pages, etc.

Widget - Notion Integrations - Widgets for Notion pages

Notion users can strengthen their Notion pages functionality with small embeds – integrations.

Notion integrations engine so knowledge base integration Notion Discord integration for project management bot for integration

It creates related Notion pages with excellent forms. Moreover, Chilipepper sends responses and all data you need directly to Notion. Additionally, users can customize forms they need to their needs, create new ones. It is an excellent tool to develop a workspace and build a structure in less than 2 minutes.

Notion integrations indify co widgets integration Notion Discord integration for project management bot for integration


Indify provides the integration for Notions docs. It visualizes and keeps track of time, foresees important events, sync with google calendar, shows real-time weather reports, life progress bar, and event quotes from top Instagram curators.

Notion Integrations for Reporting

One of the best features of Notion is to integrate it with various essential reporting tools. After integration, it is possible to use these tools inside Notion to manage the dashboards you need.


It creates beautiful Presentations from Notion pages in one click. The only thing users should do is enter the URL of a public Notion page and click the “Beautify” button. It also provides some key points to follow to have a successful presentation.

Some of these key points are:
  • One idea per slide: focus only on one concept at a time.
  • No bullet points. Show actual sentences instead of some pieces of ideas.
  • Focus on content. Concentrate on providing good quality content. What you say is crucial.
  • 20 words per slide. It is a maximum you can have in one slide, no more.
  • Final closing thought. It should be impressive and trigger people to think about the primary purpose of the presentation.
Notion Integrations vizydrop integration Notion reports with Notion for Business and Project Management bot


Vizydrop Notion integration enables charts and tables. It provides a simple and powerful chart editor.

Templates are easy even for beginners. Moreover, users can share their charts from many sources. This integration makes it possible to have charts from files and links, use Google Analytics, Trello, Targetprocess, Google Sheets, etc.

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