Daily Bot for Discord – How to report the daily

Orli Daily Project Management tool or Daily Bot for Discord. Get Orli Daily report with one click reactions.

Great news! Orli Daily Meetings Bot got its Discord validation badge, it’s time to go brave!:rocket: :mechanical_arm:

Check Orli’s Daily Project Management tool big changes on this week’s release: Orli Daily report with one click reactions.

How does it work?

Orli Standup Bot for Discord knows what you are working on from your Orli Task List, Jira tasks, the daily report from the previous days. At the same time, Orli Standup Meetings Bot, or as we also call it, the Scrum bot for Discord, suggests the task status with an emoticon reaction.
You can confirm the status of the task you need to implement by clicking on the reaction or add a new emoji to update its status.

Orli Daily Bot for Discord - Orli is a Daily Standup for Discord. It allows you to quickly add tasks to your Daily standup in just reaction-emotes. Add the reactions to the task and click send your Daily. Orli - Scrum bot for Discord takes care of the rest: to share it with the right people, in the right way and the right place.
Tasks suggestion by Orli - The Agile Scrum Bot for Discord - Orli Daily Bot for Discord

It is effortless! You can add additional information to your Orli Daily Bot task for Project Management by replying to the task.

Orli Daily Bot for Discord - Report Daily Standup in Discord - Report your Daily
Add additional information to a task by replying to that particular task - Orli Daily Bot for Discord

Moreover, it is possible to add even more information to your Daily Standup in Discord by replying to the preview message and keeping the same format as before:

See how easy it looks.

Orli Daily Bot for Discord - Daily bot - Scrum Bot -Agile
Confirmation of Daily Standup Message being send to the Daily Discord Channel-Orli Daily Bot for Discord
Daily bot for Discord - Message Preview in the daily scrum Discord channel
The Daily Standup Message sent in scrum channel in Discord -Orli Daily Bot for Discord

Additionally, you can copy/paste this for testing!

done this is a done task 1
this is a done task 2
worked this is a worked task 3
todo this is a worked task 3
blockers blockers example 1
meetings meeting example 1

Another important notice for Standup bot – Orli Daily Bot for Discord Teams.

You could be frustrated when seeing Orli’s incomplete message before. We know it. That’s why we have good news for Orli Daily Meetings Bot users: you can live preview your Daily message before you send it. That’s a super useful option and easy to do

Orli Daily Bot for Discord
Live Preview of your Daily Standup Message in Discord - Orli Daily Bot for Discord

Send your Daily Standup to Discord Team channel with Orli Daily Bot for Discord

It takes several seconds.

  • Just Click on the :airplane: to send your daily.
  • Cancel your daily by clicking on the :x: icon.
  • Trigger your daily again with !orli-daily
Do you still question how to increase your team’s productivity? Don’t wonder, add Orli Daily Bot fo Discord to your best project management tools list and enjoy its benefits for free.Ask you have any questions or face any challenges while using Orli Standup Meetings Bot! We are here to help you at any time!