Today’s release brings Automated Asynchronous Orli Retrospective Bot. 

This means that you can share with your teams what went well, what didn’t and share your ideas on how to collaborate better together.

How does Automated Asynchronous Orli Retrospective Bot work?

Every retrospective has:

  • a channel to post the messages, 
  • a day of the week in which is scheduled, 
  • a start time, 
  • an end time (when all the answers are revealed),
  • questions
  • The participants can submit none or multiple answers to any question
  • The retro participants can submit their answers only during the retro time.

Default settings for Automated Asynchronous Orli Retrospective Bot


  • The retrospective runs every Friday between 17:00-17:30, server timezone. After the automatic reports, so you can learn together what can be improved based on the metrics from the reports.
  • Participants and channels are not set.
  • The default questions are:
    1. What went well this sprint? 
    2. What didn’t go so well in the last sprint?
    3. What did you learn in the last sprint?
    4. What actions would you like to implement in the next sprint?

Retrospective bot daily bot scrum bot agile for project management

Commands for
Orli Retrospective Bot:


  1. !orli-daily-show-config = see the current configuration
  2. !orli-retro-configure add-user @anca = add users for the retro
  3. !orli-retro-configure remove-user @anca = remove users for the retro
  4. !orli-retro-configure change-channel #retro_channel
  5. !orli-daily-configure change-retro-day Thu = sets the retro day to Thu
  6. !orli-daily-configure change-retro-start 10:00 = sets the beginning of the retro 
  7. !orli-daily-configure change-retro-end 13:00 = the time when Orli reveals all the answers in the #retro_channel. After this, the users can’t submit their answers anymore

Known issues:

If you don’t get a reply from orli-retro-show-config, run the command orli-daily-show-config and then orli-retro-show-config to see the information.


Other improvements from Orli Daily Bot for Discord:

The dashboard is now available for the ones who have modified the default questions too.

Retospective Bot - Automated Asynchronous Retrospective - Daily Bot


How to Set up Orli Retrospective Bot?

  1. Show configuration !orli-retro-show-config
  2. Remove questions: !orli-retro-configure "remove-question" 2
  3. Add questions to Retro !orli-retro-configure "add-question" "What did you learn this sprint?"
  4. Add participants to Retro !orli-retro-configure "add-user" @john @maria !orli-retro-configure "add-user" all
  5. Remove participants to Retro !orli-retro-configure "remove-user" @john @maria !orli-retro-configure "remove-user" all

 Report your Retrospective:

1. Start the retrospective for the full team by running the following command on the channel you want to post your retrospective answers !orli-retro-start

2. Each participant submits their answer as a direct message to Orli using the command

2.1  !orli-retro-send 1 "This is the answer 1 question 1"
2.2  !orli-retro-send 2 "This is the answer 1 to question 2"
2.3  !orli-retro-send 2 "This is the answer 2 to question 2"

You can decide now to answer certain questions.

3. End the retrospective for the full team by running the following command on the channel you want to post your retrospective answers !orli-retro-end Orli will reveal all the answers anonymously.
Everyone can upvote the answers they agree with.