Orli - Scrum Best Practices

Scrum is an Agile product development methodology that allows teams to build a product in an iterative way, get early feedback, and improve fast. With the help of Scrum, teams deliver a working piece of software more frequently compared to the traditional waterfall model.

Orli comes preconfigured with Scrum Best Practices so your team can focus on delivering value to your customers.

Scrum Best Practices

Define Work

Report daily progress

Measure performance

Continuous Improvement

Plan your Sprint Work

With Orli, you can plan your Sprint using Orli Task List or A project management tool like Jira, Trello, GitLab, GitHub, YouTrack, Notion, or Monday.com.

In your Sprint plan, you’ll add all the work you consider you should do as a team. You can assign the work to team members if you would like. That will help Orli to know who to remind to complete a certain task.

Orli Agile Scrum Bot for Discord - Daily bot needs just one click to keep your tasks up-to-date across multiple Project Management tools. Automatic Orli Daily provides preconfigured Agile best practices with reports on performance, all while living in the convenience of your Discord server.

Align with Asynchronous Daily Meetings

Every morning, Orli will send a reminder to each team member to share their Daily progress by answering the best Scrum practice Daily questions:

  • What did you do yesterday to achieve the sprint goal?
  • What will you be working on today to achieve the sprint goal?
  • Do you have any blocking points?

For the distributed teams, Orli will remind everyone to report their Dialy Progress in their own time zone.

…the agile movement in software is part of a larger movement towards more humane and dynamic workplaces in the 21st century.

Rowan Bunning


To keep things structured, Orli – Scrum bot for Discord, will post the answers of each team member in the Daily Channel in a structured way. In that way, every Scrum team member will see the progress his/her colleagues are doing to achieve the sprint plan.

Use Metrics to measure your work progress

Data is the best way to know how is your Scrum Team performing. And Orli knows that. Orli creates a weekly automatic report in Discord with the work summary and calculates the KPIs you need.

The weekly report Orli sends in Discord gives to teams an objective overview of the work performed:

  • what tasks have been completed
  • how many impediments points the Scrum team had
  • what work the Scrum team couldn’t accomplish

Encourage continuous improvement with Retrospective

Scrum teams are getting more work done in less time because they learn how to collaborate together. The Retrospective is the moment in which the Scrum Team looks at the data metrics from Orli automatic reports to analyze them and decide together what they should improve for the upcoming sprint.

Unfortunately, the retrospective is often eliminated from the team rituals because of lack of time. but with Orli Automatic Retrospective, teams can learn what they would like to improve in an asynchronous way.

…If you adopt only one agile practice let it be retrospectives. Everything else will follow.

Woody Zuill

The impact of using Orli

Our user are often surprised by the possibilities Orli present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • Work fewer hours by freeing the time you spend in meetings
  • Get more time in your day by doing less administrative work.
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time with Orli Dashboard
  • Automate your business, with Orli automation: keeping tools up to date, automatic dashboard, asynchronous Daily meeting, and Retrospective.

Did you know?

With Orli, a Scrum team of  5 team members save up to 45h a month in:


  • long planning meetings
  • daily scrum meetings
  • meetings to gather data for Scrum reports
  • meetings to create performance reports
  • long retrospective meetings

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