Scheduled Weekly Reports on Team Performance with Orli Daily Meetings Bot

We are sharing a new release about Scheduled weekly reports for Orli Daily Meetings Bot! Don’t worry anymore about running your weekly reports by hand. Orli Project Management tool makes it possible to deliver reports automatically to you. This is one of the best Daily Bots that will change your life.

Each server will receive their weekly summary this Friday at 16:00 server time (configured in your Orli Daily) by default. If you want to change a day or time, use the commands:

!orli-daily-configure change-report-day Mon

!orli-daily-configure change-report-time 17:00

The time is Discord server time which is set for Orli Daily Meetings Bot.

How does it work?

Orli makes the weekly summary reports Friday to Friday or Monday to Monday. The weekly reports contain the following points:

  • The working week considered in the reports
  • The total answers received from all the team members during last week
  • The total number of answers received for each question in the last week
  • A summary of the Daily answers per participant and the number of tasks completed.

You can see the icons of  daily questions and  numbers of completed tasks, blockers, meetings etc.

If you need to check default settings for your Orli Daily Meetings Bot for automatic weekly reports, just type:


It is extremely easy to organize your team work in just one click with Orli – one of the Best Discord Bots to use in your server.

Add Orli Daily Bot to your best project management tools list and use it for Free.

Ask if you have any questions or if you face any challenges while using Orly Stand-up Bot for Meetings! We are here to help you any time!