Standup Bot – Set your own Daily Standup Bot Commands and Prefix in Discord

Today’s release brings you a much-requested feature: Set your own Daily Standup Bot Commands and change the prefix in Discord! Yes! It is possible with Orli Daily Bot.

First of all, let’s discuss what a Standup bot is.

What is a Standup meeting?

Daily Standup meetings could be pretty challenging for teams, but on the other hand, they can help business owners, managers, and team leaders to follow their team’s progress.

A Standup meeting or a stand-up meeting is a brief meeting to discuss the critical points.

  • Tasks done
  • Tasks in progress
  • Tasks to do

What is a Standup bot?

A standup bot is a daily bot (or a reminder bot/scrum bot) that helps organize standup meetings asynchronously. Daily bot updates tasks automatically and considers differences in time zones for remote, distributed teams. It reminds your daily tasks and provides automatic reports and much more.

Now, let’s go to Orli Daily Standup Bot’s feature that allows you to change the commands and the prefix. It is already possible to Modify Orli commands, make them shorter, pleasant, look more like.

As usual, you can see the latest functionalities released on the information page of the !help.

Here you can see that we have we are introducing three commands

  1. one to know the alias list: !orli-alias-list
  2. one to add a new alias: !orli-alias-add
  3. one to remove the alias: !orli-alias-remove
  4. one to change the prefix: !orli-daily-configure change-prefix ?
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How Orli Scrum Standup Bot's commands work by default for?

Just update them using the commands below:

See the list of preset aliases

Let’s take the first command:


When you run it in your Discord Server, you can see our pre-configured alias list.

To see your current prefix, you only need to mention Orli on your Discord server:


We pre-configured for you a short version of the commands by default:

  • !odsc is  !orli-daily-show-config
  • !odc is !orli-daily-configure
  • !or is !orli-report
  • !ouc is orli-user-configure
  • !oaa is orli-alias-add
  • !ota is orli-task-add
  • !otd is orli-task-done
  • !otl is orli-task-list
  • !ote is orli-task-time-estimate
  • !otg is orli-task-logtime
  • !otr is orli-task-remove
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