Set your own Daily Standup Bot Commands in Discord

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:new: Today’s release brings you a much-requested feature:

Set your own Daily Standup Bot Commands in Discord! Yes! It is possible with Orli Daily Bot.

Modify Orli commands, make them shorter, pleasant, more like you.

As usual, you can see the latest functionalities released on the information page of the !help.

Here you can see that we have we are introducing three commands

  1. one to know the alias list: !orli-alias-list
  2. one to add a new alias: !orli-alias-add
  3. one to remove the alias: !orli-alias-remove

:ferris_wheel: How Orli Scrum commands work by default :

Just update them using the commands below:

:one: See the list of preset aliases

Let’s take the first command:


When you run it in your Discord Server, you can see our pre-configured alias list.

We pre-configured for you a short version of the commands by default:

:link: odsc :left_right_arrow: orli-daily-show-config

:link: odc. :left_right_arrow: orli-daily-configure

:link: or :left_right_arrow: orli-report

:link: ouc :left_right_arrow: orli-user-configure

:link: oaa :left_right_arrow: orli-alias-add

:link: ota :left_right_arrow: orli-task-add

:link: otd :left_right_arrow: orli-task-done

:link: otl :left_right_arrow: orli-task-list

:link: ote :left_right_arrow: orli-task-time-estimate

:link: otg :left_right_arrow: orli-task-logtime

:link: otr :left_right_arrow: orli-task-remove


:two: Add alias

Now let’s try to add new alias.
You can copy/paste the command of adding an alias:

!orli-alias-add conf orli-daily-configure

Suppose you have different team members that have other preferences. In that case, you can introduce multiple aliases for the same command.

:three: Remove alias

Of course, if you want to remove a particular command for Orli Standup bot for Discord, you use the command:

!orli-alias-remove conf

And conf command has been removed from the alias list.

It is also essential that the parameters for your Orli Stand-up Bot stay unchanged.

Now let’s run the short command of !orli-daily-show-config, which is !odsc, and as you can see precisely the same result as if you would run the long command. To remember what those commands are for, you can click !help and go through all the pages that you are most interested in. We recommend that you see the commands that you must use, and you are going to set an alias only for those commands. You can, of course, remove all the pre-configured aliases. Nothing is going to happen on your server.

This week we are bringing something new on our Discord Support Server, and that is the #getting-started channel.

Here you can see a video that is a tour of how to get started using Orli and how you can test it. Below you have the steps that you can run to test Orli at the beginning, so you get familiar with its commands.

:handshake: We are we have office hours starting from last week so feel free to join us every Friday from 3-4 PM CET / 9-10 AM EST. Bring your problems, questions about Orli, and we’ll get you set for a new week with fewer meetings. We wish you an Agile week!

Divide by half the time spent in meetings with Orli – Set Orli Daily Bot for Discord! It is Free!

Orli Daily Scrum Bot for Stand-up meetings