Discord servers are multipurpose and resourceful entities. Setting up your Discord Server for Business can be handy to communicate with your co-workers and other members. A single private server can host a multitude of users as long as they have access. Making a server public or private depends on your business requirements, whether you want random people to join your server or only the invited ones. This article will talk about steps to start with Discord for Business and fully enjoy the advantages of using it for your team.

First, you and your teams should set up Discord. Here is how you can set up your Discord server for business in several steps:

1.  Create a Channel per Team 

Discord lets you create as many channels as you need. Depending on your business necessity, you can create separate channels for administration, each team of working crew, and customers. Roles can be assigned to every member, and access to different channels within your server can be granted or denied based on roles. This customization helps you control and manage your server. Owners, admins, moderators, and members will all have different access levels to other chat groups. It lets you plan with the team on one channel while engaging with customers on another.

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2.  Use Private Channels in Discord for Business

Team-specific channels are private. Only the invited users can join. These private channels are about some specific topics, and only the relevant audience can access them. Conversations and media shared in those channels remain hidden from other users. Your business administrators can also designate an endless series of roles to each user, all of which can come with custom privileges. This attribute ensures secure interaction among team members. Discord also allows for global private messaging, which exceeds your reachability beyond your server. You can add customers from any server to have a one-on-one conversation without clicking each server itself.

3.  Add Discord Bots 

While Discord lacks some features you are looking for, it is possible to fill this gap with bots. Discord bots are a vital component for a well-run Discord server. A wide variety of bots is available on Discord, and they can do much more than just automating the moderation tasks. You can find almost any features to add to your server, and you have to find the best bots that are relevant to your business. These AI-driven tools enable you to manage your server more effectively while introducing a whole host of other valuable features to make the best possible use of this platform.

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Top 10 Best Discord bots for Business for Project Management and Business Automation

4.  Manage Notifications

Running a business on a discord server can be hectic with a tedious number of channels. Each channel has a different priority level, and unwanted notifications from low-priority channels can be exhausting. Therefore, managing notifications for every channel is necessary. You can use Discord bots to automate such settings as switching off unnecessary chats or channels. You can create ranks for servers with a lot of traffic; it enables mass purges of messages based on predefined criteria such as age, server, and user. You can also prioritize important events or keywords that will trigger a warning so that you do not miss any important news on the Discord server you use for business purposes.

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5. Integrate your Discord Server for Business with various project management tools 

There are various project management, business automation tools, and popular apps you can integrate with Discord to manage your workflows: Trello, Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Notion.so, Monday.com, YouTrack (from JetBrains), Google Drive, Zoom, Yodel.io, YouTube, Twitter, RSS, BitBucket, Facebook messenger, etc.  

How to integrate the Discord server for Business with the project management tools you need?

The answer is pretty simple: some Bots drive Discord’s integration process fast and efficiently. One of them is Orli Daily Scrum Bot for Standup Meetings. You can pick up the integration with the necessary PM tool and implement it in a few clicks with Orli Discord Bot: Jira DiscordTrello DiscordYouTrack DiscordMonday.com DiscordYouTrack by JetBrains, and Notion.so DiscordGitLabGitHub. Orli answers users’ queries and develops new integrations based on the most popular and requested ones.

Orli Agile Scrum Bot for Discord needs just one click to keep your tasks up-to-date across multiple Project Management tools. Automatic Orli Daily provides preconfigured Agile best practices with reports on performance, all while living in the convenience of your Discord server.

To sum up, the steps to set up your Discord server for business are:

  1. Create a Channel per Team
  2. Use Private Channels in Discord for Business
  3. Add Discord Bots
  4. Manage Notifications
  5. Integrate your Discord Server for Business with various project management tools 

Discord for business makes it possible to lead big or small projects, organizing meetings, following tasks, reporting automatically, managing team workflow efficiently, and even more just from one place. And Orli Bot accomplishes a process of setting Discord for business needs and supports businesses on the way to integrate with Discord effortlessly.

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