Standup bot in Discord: Empty answers, no time log, Done tasks show only 1 day

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Orli Scrum Bot’s Tuesday release brings you good news:

1️⃣ Orli Bot allows empty answers for Orli Daily: Now, it is not mandatory anymore to answer all Orli Daily Bot questions.
2️⃣ Mark tasks as done without logging time
Orli Standup Bot Team fixed some Bugs:
💩 Issues reported as done yesterday are not showing on the list the next day anymore

:popcorn: Watch the Demo Video:


Learn with Orli Scrum Bot for Teams Communication:

:ferris_wheel: How does Daily Bot for Discord commands work with empty fields?

:one: Trigger the reaction based Orli Daily bot for Discord by typing an indirect message for Orli


:two: Type reply to the Standup report preview and add only the keywords you have an answer to. Check an example:

done Allow empty fields on Daily Standup Bot for Discord

Mark tasks as done without logging time

Issues done yesterday don't show on today's Task List

Tasks done without logging time - Orli Scrum Bot for team meetings, automatic reports, lists of tasks

:ferris_wheel: How to mark tasks as done?

:one: Using Orli Daily Standup Bot for Discord

!orli-daily will display the tasks from today, click on the reaction icon ✅

:two: By calling the command

!orli-task-done 2


:ferris_wheel: How to see the tasks on the Standup Bot?

:one: The tasks marked as done yesterday will appear on the suggestion of Done tasks in today’s Standup

:two: The tasks reported as Done today, which aren’t in the task list, will only be visible in the Weekly reports

!orli-report weekly export

:three: The tasks marked as Done using the emoji, it will show on the task list only today


:handshake: See you on Friday for Office Hours: 3-4 PM CET / 9-10 AM EST. Bring your problems, questions about Orli Project Management Bot, and we’ll get you set for a new week with fewer meetings. We wish you and your international team an Agile week!

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