Best Discord bots for business from Orli Scrum Bot. Business management tips
7 Jun
Top 5 Best Project Management bots for Discord

Best Bots Discord for Business.

Standup-bot-discord-best-project-management-tool-discord.How the tasks are display on the Standup Bot
30 May
Standup bot in Discord: Empty answers, no time log, Done tasks show only 1 day

Optional Standup answers, mark asks as done without time log, show done tasks only 1 day.

Standup Scrum Bot for Discord to change commands. Daily bot for meetings, team management , international team communication
20 May
Set your own Daily Standup Bot Commands in Discord

Modify Orli commands, make them shorter, nice, more like you.

Trello Cards - Orli Scrum Bot and Trello Integration - Business tool for teamwork
12 May
Trello Discord Integration from Orli Daily Bot

Discord Trello Integration using Standup for Discord - Orli to automate your Daily reports and stay in touch without ever leaving Discord.

Automatic Work Reports Discord Scrum Teams Project Management Bot for Discord
12 May
Scheduled Weekly Reports on Team Performance with Orli Daily Meetings Bot

You can see your team performance directly in Discord with scheduled weekly reports.

Orli Retro
6 Apr
Orli Retrospective – Orli Daily Bot for Stand-up Asynchronous Meetings is now available

With Orli retrospective you can now improve your team's processes and work.