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It is time to know all the advantages of using Discord for businesses to enjoy them. If you don’t use Discord, question why other people do and why more and more companies go to Discord and use it as a beneficial tool for their business. Moreover, Discord became an essential part of Business Automation and Project Management since Covid-19 appeared in our life. 

There are solid reasons for it, of course, and one of the main arguments for that is Discord features for Business. Every entrepreneur, business owner, or manager should know why to use Discord to move there with their teams. 

Here are the Top 10 features of Discord for Businesses:


2. Channels

3. Discord Bots

4. Security

5. Videoconferencing/Streaming

6. File Sharing

7. Swift Communication

8. Tiered membership

9. IP & DDoS protection

10. Promotion

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Let’s discuss the features of Discord for Businesses each by one:

1.    Servers

The primary feature of Discord is a server. To carry out a business on Discord, you need to set up a specific server that acts as a virtual premise. That server will hold the entire existence and workplace of your Business. 

2. Channels

Once the server is made, Discord allows you to create multiple channels where you can invite other members to join and assign them different roles. These channels can be VoIP or text-based, and they are kept separate inside Discord servers, though users can use them concurrently.

3. Discord Bots

Discord bots provide additional functionalities to your server. These bots make it easier to create an engaged community. You can use them to welcome new members to the server, moderate communications between members, and ban people who refuse to obey the rules. We made a list of Discord Business Bots to prosper your Business and startup.

4.    Security

When it comes to security, Discord only allows authorized members to access private channels. Deleted messages are gone with no trace of them in the Discord system. Neither Discord nor other users can see or retrieve these messages.

Discord for business -Daily Bot Project Management Bot automation team bot scrum business meetings

5.    Videoconferencing/Streaming

Voice channels allow you to conduct audio meetings with your co-workers and provide the option of video conferencing and screen sharing. Discord allows up to 50 people to join a video conference at once. Another option is streaming in a channel, and anyone on the server can watch the stream.

6.    File Sharing

In a business, sharing content through files is a major need. Discord lets you share files as per your requirement. However, the size limit is 8 MBs if you are running your Business on a free version. 

7.    Swift Communication

Even though sending e-mails in a business is considered a professional and authentic way of communication, Discord provides faster and more reliable means of transmitting the information.

Discord for business -Daily Bot Project Management Bot automation remote team bot scrum business meetings

8.    Tiered membership

Discord provides almost all features free of cost. However, Discord released a new subscription plan that offers subscribers access to higher-quality video, file sharing up to 50 MB, etc. It shows that Discord is open to tiered membership and indicates the possible existence of a paid business version that companies could pay for monthly or yearly.

9.    IP & DDoS protection

Voice-over IP services usually invoke security concerns. To protect users against security issues inherent to VoIP platforms, Discord provides an IP location lock that informs users when their account is logged in from an unusual IP address. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security and protects from DDoS attacks. It is one of the most critical Discord features for businesses, ensuring that using Discord is safe and secure.

10. Promotion

Due to Discord’s popularity among many communities, promoting your Business through this platform can be a smart move. An excellent way to create an engaged community on Discord is to offer private sales, launch contests, and propose rewards. These marketing strategies attract customers and lead your Business to success.

  Orli Daily Scrum Bot has witnessed how a number of the people and companies who have been using Discord for businesses has grown, and this index increases daily. That’s why we recommend Discord as one of the most flexible and convenient tools to go Agile with your Team for any business and project.

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