Top 7 Best Trello Bots and Power-up Bots

In this article, we will talk about Trello Bots and Trello Power -up Bots. There are just a few Tello bots. Other types of bots like power-ups enhance using some Trello features. However, here we will mention both.

Here are the Top 7 Best Trello Bots and Power-up Bots:

Let’s go to the Top Best Trello Bots and Power-Up Bot one by one:

1.Taco Bot - Trello Bot for managing Trello Boards in Discord

Team members can view their information directly from Discord without opening their Trello account. The Taco bot for Trello helps use any language a person needs and even sets any prefix. It is possible to comment on all the Cards you have in Trello from Discord and do other operations without leaving it.

On the other hand, it allows working from Discord and being aware of changes that happen in the Trello board. The team members get notifications on Discord about changes in their Trello boards.

Taco bot has some other features such as:

  • Filtering out events, specific cards, lists a person need to see
  • See webhooks, messages in 3 various styles depending on the things users want to show off
  • Interactive and straightforward steps to set up Taco to use Trello in Discord 
  • Changing a language of webhook messages
  • Quickly repairing webhooks if something goes in a wrong way
  • Managing Trello boards in a few clicks

2. Orli all in one Project Management Bot - Trello Bot for Trello Discord Integration

Orli Daily Standup (all in one Scrum bot) bot for Trello can be helpful for business owners, managers, startups, developers, scrum masters, or just for personal use to be more productive.

Orli Trello Bot is one of the best Discord bots for business. It is a highly effective and flexible tool bot. It makes the process of using and managing the Trello account directly in Discord easier and more productive.

Orli All in 1 PM Agile bot for Discord has the following features:

  • ToDo Bot – Task List Bot for Discord
  • Daily Standup Bot for Discord
  • Automatic reports in Discord
  • A web dashboard to follow Team performance
  • Retrospective Asynchronously in Discord
  • Using and working with Trello boards, Cards, Lists, etc. directly in Discord
  • Managing your Trello boards without leaving Discord

Besides Trello, Orli also integrates Discord with Jira,, GitHub, GitLab, YouTrack, Notion, etc. 

The integration is free.
Just add Orli Bot to Discord and enjoy its free features.

3. Butler Bot for Trello

It is a no-code automation tool for Trello that provides workflow and tasks with Trello Cards, Lists, and other things on Boards. Butler is useful to implement easy tasks or complicated ones like supercharge of a team’s work process. In this case, teams can share the automation with all members. Butler’s basic features are free. 

 This Bot can automatically react to any changes a person needs to do on their Trello Boards themselves.

Butler Trello Bot’s main features are:

  • Create cards
  • Rename cards
  • Schedule actions
  • Set descriptions of the cards
  • Move cards within boards
  • Modify checklists with their items

4. Assista - Trello Power-Up Bot

The Assista is a Power-Up bot. It helps move cards from list to list and calculate time cards that people spend on each list. Moreover, Assista generates time-related reports, analyzes many boards or members, exports reports, works across various teams, etc.

The main feature of the Assista bot is to track time within teams’ Trello boards to find out:

  • How much time a person/team member works
  • An employee/team’s work rhymes
  • Each worker’s productivity
  • How much time every card takes and what the most Time-consuming cards are

This bot has 14 days trial free of charge. Its price per user per month: $2.99.

5. TrelloBot - Power-up Trello Bot for Slack

One of the most useful Trello bots is the TrelloBot for Slack. This bot provides an opportunity to have direct access to the Trello Board and actions from Slack. A person doesn’t need to switch screens from Slack to Trello because the TrelloBot solves this problem.

The TrelloBot implements the following:

  • Getting updates in Slack when there are some changes on Trello cards, boards, lists, etc.
  • Easy and fast set up with several clicks
  • A possibility to update teammates through the bot
  • A good communication tool, attach conversations
  • Adding and Managing new Trello cards from Slack
  • Notifying team members about project status, remind about deadlines
  • Easy to use
  • Free mode available

6. AppPerfect - Trello Bot to support team

App Perfect created a Trello Bot to support teams and people with adding, copying, getting, and deleting operations for Trello Cards, Lists, Boards, and accounts. AppPerfect has bots that help to automate different monotonous Trello tasks.

So the main tasks that App Perfect Trello Bot implements are:

  • Performing Searching operations
  • Adding/Deleting team members
  • Getting details from Trello Boards, Cards, Lists, Accounts, etc.
  • Creating, Copying, Deleting Trello Boards, Lists, Cards, Labels, CheckLists, Check Items
  • Transferring the information by copying it from to another Trello Boards, List, Card, etc.

7. Other Trello Bots - Power - up enhancers

There are various power-up Trello Bots to mention. In our opinion, the most useful ones are Trello Backup Bot, Check-list bot, Trello Bot by, Matrix Trello Bot, Discord bot for logging Trello events, etc. For instance, the Backup bot can help keep your information safe and never lose data from Trello. The Matrix Bot can automatically update boards; Trello Bot by is a virtual assistant to create boards, lists, cards and do changes on them.

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