What a Discord Moderator Should Know

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In the article ”What a Discord Moderator Should Know” we are going to speak particularly about several points:

Discord is a massive platform for communicating and sharing content over the internet. It’s available on computers like PCs and Macs, Android, and iOS. In Discord, people come together and communicate in communities called Servers. However, the private chat option is also available if the users keep their private messaging settings turned on.  

As someone with administrative rights on Discord Servers, there are certain things that a Discord moderator should know. Wondering what those are? We will get to that, but first, let’s tell you who a moderator is.  

Who is a Discord moderator?

A Discord moderator is someone with permission to manage different aspects of the server they are operating. A moderator is often one level below the administrator. However, it’s up to the server owner to determine the rights and permissions for their moderators.

Discord Moderator - what a discord moderator should know- discord bots - scrum daily project management bots

What should a Discord moderator know?

Here are the most critical things Discord moderators should keep in mind while doing their job.

1. It’s up to them to maintain a great environment

A server won’t thrive until the predefined rules are correctly set up and enforced. The moderators have to keep a birds-eye view of everything going on in the server. They have to actively participate in enforcement activities to make sure everyone is following the rules as they should.

There are different kinds of enforcement activities.

The Discord moderator can organize some events or community days (every week or every two weeks), days for discussions,  or add some Discord bots for games (Chess botTatsu Bot, Poketwo Bot, Pokecord BotKoya Bot, etc.) just to relax.

Another way to create a friendly and nice environment is music. There are a bunch of Discord Music bots such as Groovy BotRythm Bot , FredBoat Bot, etc.  

One of the good ways to engage people in Discord Server’s life is polls. It helps to make people feel valuable because they get an opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts, and preferences.  Moderators can use Pollmaster, Simple Poll, or other Discord Poll Bots.

2. Arranging and maintaining channels is crucial

The admins can create different text messaging channels or voice chat rooms for various subjects in a Discord server. Some admins give the power to create and manage channels to their moderators as well. If that’s the case, the moderators in question have to keep optimizing the channels to make sure everything is arranged as it should.

Discord Moderator - who is a discord moderator - discord bots - scrum daily project management bots

3. Adding and managing bots

You can add AI-based bots in Discord servers that can perform certain functions automatically. For instance, you can set up a bot to notify you about members who joined or left the server. A moderator should be well aware of the ways to utilize bots.

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They can sign roles depending on the interests of the community members, use translator bots (Rita Bot, NVU IO Bot, Translator) for facilitating multi-languages.

There are also various Discord project management bots to help servers to succeed in business automation:  Orli Daily Scrum BotHelper Bot, ToDo Bot, etc. Check out also an article about the Top 10 Best Discord Bots for Businessto know more about the bots you should use for business.

What Discord moderator’s responsibilities are?

A range of responsibilities that Discord Moderators can obtain varies and depends on the type of the Discord server, its size, goals that the servers persuade, and the tasks the server administrator set for the moderators. Depending on this, the working hours change.

For example, for some active servers, the moderator should always be online; for others, which are small or not active so much, it will be enough to be ready anytime to support and answer the requesting question from the users. 

A moderation process takes a lot of effort and time, and moderators need to explore ways to make a community better. 

Discord-related Discord Moderator Academy is a great and extensive source of information for all people who deal with moderation (or want to learn more about it) of the Discord servers as a moderator or community manager. 

A moderator can also gain experience and knowledge about the moderation process and its details from building and managing a community. Information exchange is another way to grow as a Discord Moderator.

Discord Moderator - Discord moderator’s responsibilities- discord bots - scrum daily project management bots

Discord Moderator should know rules for interacting with others. There are Discord Community Guidelines they can use to learn the requirements to follow.

Discord is one of the most popular platforms for community-based collaboration and communication. Many gaming companies set up and maintain massive Discord servers for each of their games. 

As Discord is enormous, it automatically puts a strict number of responsibilities to server moderators. Even though Discord moderators do many other things, this article mentions the top 3 of them.

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