What is a Standup meeting? Questions for Standup meetings

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Daily Standup meeting is usually full of challenges for teams. However, standup meetings represent a team’s progress and help to follow it. Moreover, they lead teams to increase their collaborations, problem-solving abilities and, as a result, to achieve better results and succeed in their projects.  

Standup meetings remove boundaries that could appear between team members, especially in the case of remotely distributed teams with different times zones. Stand-up meetings create a self-assigning workload environment for workers who want to implement their tasks independently in the most effective way for them. On the other hand, which is vital, they keep the connection between team members despite different working approaches: remotely (distributed teams) or in an office.   

What is a Standup meeting?


We can define a standup meeting (stand-up meeting) as a short quick meeting where the main topics of discussions are going around the following moments:  

  • Completed tasks
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Blocking points

To clarify these points, team members should use some questions.  

Standup meeting questions - daily scrum meeting in discord distributed teams

What are the questions of the standup meeting?

Usually, agile masters mention three main questions to discuss, but our Agile Expert Coach Anca Onuta offers to separate 5 main questions that a team should discuss during the stand-up meeting to make it more effective 

1. What did team members do yesterday to reach the sprint goal?

Finished tasks are essential for every team member to know and discuss during the standup meetings. It is a base for the coming tasks and things the team should do in the future. So, the team could ensure they move on or stay on the same point for some time.  

Why I love this question: It is a mental exercise that forces the scrum team members to minimize the work in progress.  

                                                                  Anca Onuta – Agile Expert & Coach  

2. What did a team member work on (but didn't complete) yesterday to reach the sprint goal?

 Usually, some work leaves from another day, and the team should discuss them under this question. Some tasks can last several days. Our advice is to divide a user story into smaller parts – tasks to follow their implementation.  

3. What will team members work on today to reach the sprint goal?

 Without arguing, it is vital to discuss this question because it leads to planning team members’ coming daily, and on the other hand, pushes to look for new solutions and ways to fulfill the sprint goal.  

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4. What does blocks team members from reaching the sprint goal?

In this question, teams should discuss all obstacles, reasons, blockers which don’t allow a team to reach its goal. For instance, designers have some issues with printing promotional materials. As a result, a marketing team could not launch a new marketing campaign, or one of the team members got sick, and all tasks they were responsible for getting stuck on the same point. Here is when a scrum master needs to appear, resolve a situation and help to find a better solution as soon as possible.  

What is a standup meeting - questions daily scrum meeting bot pm bot business

5. What do team members need to "discuss after"?

 Itemizing and enumerating problems and people who should deal with them is an excellent way to organize a standup meeting efficiently. It helps to follow the time frames, not spend a lot of time on one issue and forget about others. As a result standup meeting, itself becomes more efficient and productive.  

How long should the standup meetings last?

 Ideally, the standup meetings should last for 5-15 minutes, but of course, if there are some questions to discuss, scrum masters could add some more minutes to a standup meeting. Still, the team should keep in mind that it is better to prepare for an appointment and track the time in advance to be ready to follow time limitations and achieve the goals of the standup meetings.  

Advice: Regular Daily Standup meetings at the beginning of the day could become a healthy and productive habit for a team to plan their day. Pick the time and arrange it with all the attendances of the meeting. Prepare an agenda in advance to start and finish a standup meeting on time.  Use Daily Bots to have perfect standups!

Standup meeting questions - daily scrum meeting in discord remote teams

How many people should participate in a standup meeting?

 We can suggest having no more than 10 people in one meeting. The best will be to have 5-7 people come up during every standup meeting. However, it is an arguable question, indeed, and it mostly depends on a team and how well the team collaborates and organizes stand-up meetings. 

 To sum up, it could be complicated at the beginning to follow a required structure like setting the limited time for a meeting, discussing given questions, or trying to involve all participants. Still, after several tries, the scrum team will succeed and show better results on running standup meetings. 

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