Why Check-in Meetings are a Waste of Time?

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Check-in meetings are the meetings that are held in corporations daily. These check-in meetings provide the employees with the chance to report updates on their tasks.

The teams can conduct check-in meetings via various models such as:

  • One-on-one meetings.
  • Chats
  • Video, and
  • Email

Are these Check-in Meetings Fruitful?

Check-in meetings can be an effective communication tool. However, they are not worthy enough sometimes. According to Jason Fried, the CEO of Basecamp, calling check-in meetings now and then causes a significant loss of time for the companies and their employees.

Typically, a check-in meeting comprises four to five people scheduled to debrief their seniors about the targets they achieved that day. However, this one-hour time period stretches up to four and five hours. It happens because of the constant cross-discussions that keep happening throughout that time.

According to Fried, these check-in meetings can be a significant cause of distress for the organizations and employees. The reasons he cited for this purpose are:


  • The check-in meetings that stretch over the scheduled time can increase the company’s expenses.


  • The prolonged hours consumed at check-in meetings waste employees’ productive time.

What Should be the Replacement of these Check-In Meetings?

Jason Fried presented a very suitable and workable alternative to the conventional concept of check-in meetings. According to him, organizations and corporations can write down all the essential debriefing points and circulate them across the company.

The businesses can get the following advantages from writing down and circulating the essential debriefing points :

  • People can easily read all the essential debriefing points within three to five minutes, and they will not have to spend hours in check-in meetings.
  • Instead of debriefing in front of six to seven people, it is better to hand out the written debriefing points to every concerned person in the organization.
  • Employees can invest their office hours more productively.
  • There will be no need to ask everybody to the meeting now and then.
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Written Down Debriefing Points:

Company employees can quickly disseminate written debriefing points across the organization. Therefore, Fried stresses that the companies should adopt a system where employees can register their debriefing points in their favored style. Thus, this will allow a more streamlined and comprehensive distribution of the critical issues across the whole organization.

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Daily Scrum Bot for Check-in meetings to save your time and increase productivity

As mentioned above, it is easy to conclude that having check-ins is not the best way to follow your team performance, tasks done, and track the progress of projects. Many teams faced this problem. Our team was one of them. As a result, we started looking for a solution to overcome this challenge. That’s how we created Orli Daily Scrum Bot for Check-in meetings (Check-ins, Standup meetings) Bot. 

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Orli Scrum all in one Bot provides automatic daily/weekly/monthly reports, organizes your daily standup meetings (check-ins) asynchronously, updates your task lists, etc. Moreover, It has integrations with various project management and development tools such as Jira Discord, Trello Discord, YouTrack Discord, Monday.com Discord, YouTrack by JetBrains, and Notion.so Discord, GitLab, GitHub, etc.

The best way to be sure how much Orli Daily Bot grows the productivity and effectiveness of your team is to try to use this Standup Bot yourself! Try it and share your opinion!

This Daily Standup Bot incredibly saves time by decreasing the number of hours teams spend on meetings and briefings from 95 hours/monthly to 45hours/monthly.