Why use Notion for project management? Pros and Cons

Notion for project management and business integration with Notion - team collaboration why to use pros and cons

This article will discuss why Notion is one of the most valuable tools to use for Business and how to use Notion for Project Management.

First of all, let’s define What Notion is.

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for teams. It is one of the excellent tools that people use for various projects, from educational school projects to project management and business automation. Notion is a powerful tool for team collaboration, managing projects, tasks, customer support, Notes, organizing processes, information exchange, etc.

One of Notion’s advantages is that it allows working with any type of project with various templates and functions. Additionally, there are many integrations with other valuable means.

Pros and Cons to using Notion for Project Management

This project management tool helps to implement projects faster and more efficiently. But, of course, like with all other tools, there are pros and cons to using Notion. Based on our experience and reviews we have read, we will share all the advantages and disadvantages of using Notion with your team for business.

Share your experience with us!

You may have some additional pluses or minuses that Notion has in cooperation with other project management tools. We kindly ask you to share your experience and opinion to make our list more useful for people.

Pros to use Notion for Project Management

1. Flexible

Users can choose the type and style of a platform they need to work at. Moreover, teams can get a lot of things they need: a table, document, kanban, etc. It is possible to create and use basic things just in a few clicks.

2. Rational and affordable tool.

 It saves the company money that needs onboarding tools, works with CRM databases, etc.

Notion for project management and business integration with Notion and team collaboration why choose - pros and cons

3. User-friendly.

Teams need a short time to get used to it and just a quick guide to use it and create their first pages. In addition, even people without much technical background can write things there.

4. Can replace several different apps.

It is possible to use Notion as the all-in-one-place app instead of other useful apps. For instance, Notion can replace Google Docs, Google Sheets, Evernote, Pocket, Google Calendar, etc.

5. A lot of various features

People call Notion the all-in-one platform because it can help implement small and big projects with many needs. Furthermore, if a company deals with internal knowledge bases, company wiki necessity, client info, manages and organizes teams, etc., Notion is the right one for them.

Notion for project management and business integration bot with Notion and team collaboration why choose Notion - pros and cons

6. Adjusted to different devices

Notion is accessible to users from Windows, Mac, mobile IOS, and Android apps.

7. Integration with other tools

There are some integration possibilities for Notion to implement with other business apps and tools. It is possible to integrate Notion with some servers like Discord. Using Notion directly on Discord is quite beneficial as it saves time and effort to swap the boards, etc. Moreover, bots like, for example, Orli Daily Standup bot, make the integration process fast and straightforward.

Do you look for an Integration tool to empower Notion and use it for Business and Project Management directly in Discord?

Add Orli – an all-in-one Scrum Bot to implement the integration process just in a few clicks.

8. A good collaboration tool

It is easy to share the documents and all of the added templates. As a result, Notion is a great tool for the internal wiki. Besides, the interface for wiki-building capabilities is also quite convenient.

Cons to use Notion for Project Management

Of course, Notion is a great tool for Project Management. But it also has some disadvantages. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Setting up the platform is time-consuming

 Learning using Notion is relatively easy, but tuning and setting up the platform to start using it could take some time (usually several hours to create the main structure) and effort. Of course, it can get paid in the future, but some people may worry about this point.

Notion for project management and business integration with Notion bot and team collaboration pros and cons

2. Difficult to orientate

Teams need time to get accustomed to Notion and start to feel its structure and features to use. However, it takes time for all the project management tools to navigate their boards easily and handle their benefits while using.

3. Problems appear while formatting

Some employees complain that various processes like copying-pasting or formatting external documents are not convenient and limited. These are a bit tricky, and it could appear as some errors in Notion. However, others are ok with this feature. Thus, it is a bit arguable.

Notion for project management and business integration with Notion and team collaboration why to use pros and cons

4. Notion's API

The availability of integration and access via the API is a bit complicated. However, Notion is continuously developing, and more and more apps and companies offer integration with Notion. Moreover, it launched a newly developed public beta API version and evolved it to make users more flexible and helpful.

5. Mess in content

Notion provides an opportunity to create a lot of pages, documents, lists, etc. As a result, it could be challenging to keep all of these things organized and well structured.

Possible Reasons:

The delineation between public, shared, and private pages confuse users sometimes. One of the reasons is that permissions have a different look for these types of sharings. Thereby, it is possible to have a situation when users accidentally share something private publicly, or the opposite, lock documents which they need to open and make accessible for others.

6. Navigation between pages

If the number of your created pages increases quickly, with time, you may notice that navigation between them becomes a bit complicated. Of course, it is still personal. The same a man could say about any similar tool.


To sum up, we can mention that everyone is unique and has its preferences. A person should try to use a software or tool before deciding if it suits their needs and requirements. However, we hope this article can help you to make a decision easier.

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